Thursday, 27 October 2016

How To Embrace Spiritual Remedies In Our Lives?

There are a lot of people in this world who are sick from anxiety, sadness, disappointment, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, laziness etc. I have named just a few while the list is very long. I will explain about each and every form of these negative emotional states cum sickness in the following paragraphs. Now, I would like to ask my readers where do these negative emotions come from and what the root cause of such sickness is, which kills and damages people gradually like a slow poison? I don’t like to think as a pessimist but the reality is that majority of people in this world are suffering from any of these form of sicknesses. While there are also quite a lot people who are compassionate, loving, kind, full of peace, composed, confident, honest, truthful.

What separates one from the other? It is the belief of people.


The best way to live a life is to relinquish all your desires. People, who are sick, are not flexible in their life. They are very fixed in their opinions. We should never have a desire for a particular outcome because desires bring disappointment. From disappointment comes frustration. From frustration comes anger. From anger comes delusion, then  people perish in some way or another. You will surely be able to lead a positive life with an inner peace.


Next, come the expectations. Expectations make a person weak in their pursuit of happiness. One will not fulfill his/her duty wholeheartedly if one has certain expectations of people, situations and place. We should perform our actions irrespective of such things. People, who have expectations, don’t possess an open mind. They have set of principles by which they lead their life. Because of which when faced with challenges, they form negative opinions about it instead seeing the opportunity for growth.


Attachments are not a favorable thing to have. One can become attached to the outcome of a process to perform the actions rather than for the sake of actions and forget to carry out our task with complete devotion. The other reason for this is that they engage themselves in work, keeping the fruits of the work in mind which does not let them engage in such activities with full heart and soul, which might result in failure. This is the third and last barriers in living a fulfilled and a happy life which is known as attachments as per the Gita.

In the end, I would like to say that as a human being, we have a lot of potential in ourselves. If we eradicate above mentioned sicknesses, we can conquer the world. This spiritual remedy is much needed in today’s world, even more, they are nothing but our own enemies in disguise. We must fight them off and lead a fulfilled and a happy life which will open the doors to the different world which we would not ever dream of, a world which will have an unlimited treasure and help us realize it.

Written by Shailendra Sharma
"Namaskar. I love reading. I read various kinds of books and information and specially self help, motivational, inspirational stories, religious scriptures of Hinduism since I strongly believe that our religious teachings and practices are perfect and wholesome. I like to write as well but it falls on the second number in my list of interest and hobbies, the first will always be reading. I want to serve my society in a significant manner and greater sense."

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