Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Health: Say “NO” to Drugs

Whether it is tobacco, marijuana, opium, cocaine, heroin, or the countless kinds of drugs found across the world, it is a wonder why people consume things which can only do them more harm than good in the long term. Is it the "rush" that they get? Is it the peer pressure? Why do people resort to drugs? And, I say "resort" because nobody puts their lives in danger because they want to or because they like to. No. Drugs do not just happen to you. And, you do not just accept them.

So, why do people "resort" to drugs?

Understanding the reasons behind the great addiction to drugs, especially with India having its own "drug problem," can do much to help mitigate this dilemma. Deep down, every drug addict must want to improve his/her life but is at a loss as to how. How can you just give up drugs all of a sudden? If you do, you will suffer more than when you were taking drugs. But, what most drug addicts fail to realize is that the pain or discomfort will only last for a short term, and when they succeed, the benefits will far outweigh the "losses" in the long term.

To begin with, many resort to drugs at an early age due to peer pressure. But, how valid a reason is that? Would you jump off a cliff if someone were to pressurize you to do so? On the contrary, you would blow him off and retort with a, "Why don't you?" The same goes with drugs. To believe that taking drugs only once will not harm your health merely displays utter ignorance. Unless you start believing that drugs are as life threatening as a jump off of a bridge, you will fail to realize that little by little, you are killing yourself every single time you say "yes" to drugs. So, why fall prey to peer pressure? Build a resolve so great that no one can convince you otherwise.

It is said that people can also be addicted to chocolate. Though some believe otherwise, it is worth taking note of the nature of addiction.

What constitutes addiction? Why do people get addicted to drugs? 

Drugs directly affect our mind. They fool us into believing that we are happy when we intake drugs. They act as short-term relievers and allow users to "escape reality." But, what happens when the effect wears off? This is where the addiction starts kicking in. You begin to intake more of the drug in an effort to return to your supposedly happy self. And, the cycle begins.

But, what is interesting and gratifying to know is that this cycle is not a never-ending one. In fact, it has certain inherent bugs which, if we recognize, we can use to pull ourselves out of that cycle and back to our normal selves. The first way to do so is to realize that our life as it once was is still there. It is not lost. We can still go back. There is hope. The second is to realize that our support system will always be there. Family, friends, co-workers who wish the best for you will always support you if you only dare to open up to them. The third is that it only takes twenty seconds of courage - twenty seconds of courage to say "no."

And, hence, I urge you.
Dare to say "no" to drugs.
You won't regret it.

Written by Priyanshi Sheth
"Namaste!" from a creative, Indian soul who aims to keep herself motivated as she writes, travels, photographs, and thereby, shares her knowledge.

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