Thursday, 27 October 2016

Food: Eat to Live, Live to Eat

Have you ever wondered why Food is so comforting? 

Human beings share a common love for food.

What do you when you are happy ? …Pizza..??
What you do when you are under severe emotional stress?... You eat A LOT..!
What do girls do when they are suffering from cramps? ...Ice-creams..? Yeah..?
What do you want for your Birthday? …Chocolates.. Maybe..
What you generally do when you are bored at 3 a.m? ...Maggie??

No matter what you are going through, you just can’t say NO to food. Maybe its end of a terrible day, but reaching out to your favorite food provide the bolstering lift you need.

Food is always there to make things better.

1. Food not only satisfies your stomach, it satisfies your mind and soul – In fact, your whole body.

So you had a very emotional breakup and there’s no one to comfort you. So when you are not receiving the love you desire, you will go seeking the meal as a substitute. It not only satiates your hunger but also kicks out the depression from your mind.

2. Food connects you with people

There is something about eating that helps to bring people together. Don't you love when you meet a friend have the same taste in food as you? Have you ever attended a social gathering just to get your hands on free food?... Umm.. I have.

3. Food tastes Good.

The taste buds of different people vary, but there is a common thing that does not differ – the love for food. We love food because it is delicious. The color, the texture, and aroma of food attract us. You don't even regret falling a prey to food.

4. Food comes before friends

When your friends invite you somewhere out for a party, all you are worried about is FOOD! You don't ask who will be there to accompany you but you do inquire about what kind of food will be there in the vicinity.

Do you hold the doors open for your friends while entering restaurants? ...I don’t. I am not manner less. I am just a foodie. If I do hold the door open for them, that would just be another person getting served before
me. A BIG NO!

5. Food never changes.

Food has been around forever. The smells and tastes of your favorite foods can take you to a place in time, they can remind you of a special moment or a person. We all love the smells that can linger and keep reminding us of what’s coming or what you may have already had. An amazing meal can change your life.

6. Home is where Food is.

When you are away from home for a long time, what would you do when you finally arrive back home? You’d surely jump into your favorite food places to eat and drink. It doesn’t feel like home until you’ve had that “certain meal” that you’d eat every time you could.

7. When there is good food, good conversations follow.

Don’t you love sitting, eating and talking with your friends? Conversations are always dull without food. Unless you have a dessert or coffee with you, then only things pick right back up. The need to eat connects all living beings.

So all you foodies out there – Enjoy good times with good Food and good People!

Written by Anmol Jain
I love to write unapologetically out of passion. I am a dreamer, animal lover and known for my lashing criticism.

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