Thursday, 27 October 2016

Escape: A Place Where The Mind Doesn't Work

I wake up, get ready, and go to work. I do this everyday.
It’s been 3 years now. I am still doing the same.
I know there’s nothing to worry about: it’s very common and happens to everyone.
I earn really nice and my boss loves me!
I have a simple family and a few friends; we meet occasionally and love to hang out.
They too work hard everyday and relax on weekends like me.
Life is good; everything’s normal and according to the plan.

But what makes me think is that apart from the daily struggles of going to work regularly and of the people I talk with, there is something deep inside in all of us very much the same…

The feeling is mutual, and is exactly the same feeling: exactly…
Something that keeps us alive and motivated.

It’s true that something little in us marks out the life in one way: to do something different no one has ever dreamt of, to move out from here and start anew and start fresh; to leave everything and let life decide the future.

Every day, every single day, this thought strikes our mind-

The feeling of leaving everything behind: the need for an escape.
Escape to a place or escape from the old one?
Is it a real escape?
And why the word ‘escape?’ Are we afraid of something? Are we running towards something or from something?

Realize that the feeling is very mutual and very common; everyone has experienced it and are still experiencing it: we are all on the same chapter.

Accept the fact that you are not wrong on this, what you feel is absolutely correct; it’s rather normal.

To escape is not a feeling of giving up: remember that. It’s your mind’s way to tell you that you deserve a break: not from your job or people or the place, but only from your own self.

From the start of the day, the only things we have been thinking about are: the past and the future. To only live in the present is not easy: our mind never allows that. In reality, it’s a great challenge since it defines to not thinking about anything. 

Escaping is a way leading to a free mind: to some place where you don’t need to think much, where it’s okay if you don’t think about your past or your future, worry about what is going to happen or what has happened; you just live in the present because you realize that the present is all you got. 

Go to this place: a place where the mind doesn’t work!

Written by Prachi Bohra
Travelling makes me learn something new and encourages me to write.

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