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Dazzle up the Festive Looks in new ways

The definition of Indian traditional attire especially for the festive occasions has drastically changed. One needs to dress-up in the heavy set of clothes and jewelry to engage in the festive vibes. In fact, the days are gone when one would spend hours in dressing up in the weighted attires.

Today, with the western fusion and with the minimalist approach to the dressing, the entire concept of dressing and styling Indian clothes has changed. Today, anyone would choose a different twist in the way of styling traditional clothes. Pastels, quirky and simple embroidery is  preferred over the loud and heavy worked clothes. And today, the types of material used to make the traditional clothes have varieties of options.

The fashion runways provide versatile ways of styling the Indian attires every year. These runway looks to help one to ditch the dupattas, sherwanis, saree, at festive occasions.

Here are some looks for the festive season one can opt for.

For women:

1. Kurti and palazzo

This is the most comfortable attire one can opt for.

With different types of kurtis available, from ankle length ones to the short one, from a front-slit one to the one without any slits, one can experiment different looks by pairing the kurti with palazzos.

2. A crop top/ sheer cape and a skirt

To avoid the heavy weighted lehenga, all one can do is pick up a classy boho skirt and team it up with a suitable colored crop top.

One can also pair up a sheer cape if the top is dull. A sheer cape of a contrasting color of the skirt will bring altogether a different look to the outfit.

3. Gown

Gowns being western attire now have all together its own version of Indian fusion. Today, designing Indian fabrics in a form of gown has made it an attire for festivals.

One can opt for a gown designed with Indian cloth and in Indian style. One need not wear different sets of clothes for one outfit and rather wear a pastel embroidered  gown for special occasions.

For men:

1. Kurta and Patiala 

Wearing a cotton kurta, and pairing it with a contrast or even a same color Patiala is the easiest escape from sherwanis.

The kurta can be a short one or a long one. Kurta and a Patiala with kolhapuri chappals or close-knit sandals are enough to make one look dapper.

2. Waistcoats

If one is running out of time and have no clue what to wear pairing a bold waistcoat or a Nehru jacket to a light colored kurta/long tunic shirt with pyjama or even a denim or a formal pant is all one needs for the festive season.

3. Dhoti pants and a kurta

Dhoti pants are lately in trend. Dhoti pants are upgraded version of the traditional attire dhoti.

The traditional dhoti is a piece of a cloth wore in a particular pattern which is called dhoti. And to gain similar look, pants are stitched in a way which makes it look like a dhoti.

This can be paired with different types of clothes like a basic kurta, long plain shirt, a brocade or a plain blazer.

Written by Radhika Shah
Living in the city of dreams to paint words.

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