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College Life: Expectations vs Reality

I have three nephews who have just finished school. Out of which, the very smart one has decided to score and top the college, the second one, however, sees college for friends and parties, and the third one well… knows how life works.

A conversation between the three:

#1. Smarty pants- I have never failed a single time in my school, my teachers have always been proud, it’s time that I finally pursue my career, I will get successful and famous some day because I am going to work very hard for it no matter what. I am different from others and my life won’t be the same; I can see my dream out there, I know it’s time to act!

#2. Chill-out guy- It’s time to make new friends, party and enjoy college.

#3. Realist/pessimist- Everyone in my school was stupid, I know college will be the same; I better start finding a job otherwise I am wasting time.

It’s been a year now in college and all the three review college differently than they used to.

"I hate everyone and everything," says the third one- I see all confused and dumb first year students going here and there and talking rubbish and there are kids who have waited an hour to just meet a faculty for one doubt and am thinking over there about them that dude, you aren’t even getting 40%, your worst nightmare is yet to come; enjoy college life, you just got screwed up a little and it’s still a long way to go.

I am bored…I have done enough things in school, I don’t know what to do ahead, I am so confused about my life, I don’t have any career and I don’t want to fail again…, says the chill-out guy.

I am bored of studying, no one cares about my marks, no one cares about anything, college is boring, says the ranker.


High School V/S College

1. People

School- Everyone in the class is my friend, I am famous.
College- Who is this guy sitting next to me? (Classmate, its third year)

2. Professors

School- Hey everyone, today I will teach you blah blah *everyone takes down notes and listens carefully, next day test and most of them score big*
College- Hey everyone, today I will teach you blah blah *No one cares, next day test and everyone is absent*

3. Career

School- 3 years of college, placement, I will earn like a boss.
College- Hahaha… (help me)

4. Money

School- Mom gave me a hundred bucks, let’
College- I am unhappy and poor

5. Relationship

School- I think he might be the one…
College- People are crazy, I am marrying my pet.

6. Fun

School- Omg let’s meet and dance and sing and party and roam and play and do prank calls and let’s night stay and talk about everyone in our school!!!
College- Let’s meet and do nothing together.

7. Family

School- I love my family, they scold me a lot but I know that’s for my own benefit, and I love them all.
College- If only Hogwarts would call and I am out of this place.

8. Lectures

School- I am not bunking a single thing
College- Do we have college tomorrow?

9. Studies

School- I woke up early today in the morning and studied for three hours, I think I am getting serious about my life.
College- I didn’t fail, I survived another test, I am a winner.

10. Schedule

School- I slept at 12; what, why so late
College- I slept at 9; omg are you okay?

11. Life basically

School- Yayyyyyyyy
College- Hahaha… (Oh no)

12. Summing up

School- I know exactly what I want
College- I have got no idea of what I am doing.

Relatable? Do comment then.

Written by Prachi Bohra
Travelling makes me learn something new and encourages me to write.

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