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A Story that everyone needs to read at least Once

Stories are to be lived in, experience and to learn from others’ occurrences and some are just being created to be savoured and discover something reflective from and "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee (buy from is just that one. A story that should be read by everyone at least once as it is a book that almost anyone of whichever nature, age, and class can read and connect with and receive a part of it.

**Spoiler Alert!**

It is a chronicle of a little girl, no more than six years old, Jean Scout, who lives in an old town with her brother Jem, who is a little older than her and her father, Atticus Finch, a lawyer and a widower. It is a story where ‘Jean Scot’ along with her brother and Dill, a boy they befriended with, in their summer vacations, experiences a mysterious neighbour ‘Boo’ Radley. An invisible person whom they all found to be frightened and enthralled with, who on numerous occasions would leave them gifts. An individual who haven’t been seen but feeds their as well as town’s imagination and stories.

It is a tale where a little girl wants to be what she desires instead of following what she has been asked to in the name of societal standards. That is even when she haven’t gone past her babyhood to even begin with. The story of a father who has to raise his children without their mother’s presence to guide them in their delicate journey to adolescence, especially a daughter. That along with being a true person to his values and not succumb to the disgustingness of the public.

It is more of an experience where we come face to face with prejudices, on the basis of as trivial as the skin colour of a person, without giving any importance to integrity, justice, and innocence. As it is all presented in this by convicting and gunning down a black man, Tom Robinson.

Tom Robinson, a black man of the town who got accused of rape by a white woman, gets defended by Atticus Finch even after him being loathed by the people and his children getting scorned by their fellow mates. Atticus Finch sticks true to his job and plays fair to all his best to defend Tom. But even when the white woman agrees to his canard and sobs in the court for lying, Tom doesn’t get released and later when he tries to run away from prison, gets slaughtered. ‘Jean Scout’ being comprehending to his father but not understanding the mentality of people, despises them. She’s later saved by ‘Boo’ Radley when a town’s person tries to kill her and that’s when she comes to know of her mysterious neighbour and befriends with.

It is an incredible tale of a young girl who can see the fallacy of the society, lead by her vision and innocence but the society can’t. Being shrouded with dusty cloth of bigotry and their own so-called societal norms. This story being presented to us through the eyes of a little girl and lead by a quintessentially ethical father leaves us with something greatly profound with The one that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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