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7 Things to do when you go Home from Hostel

It’s done! The semester is coming to a close, and you’re all set to go home. Your bags are packed, tickets have been booked and you just can’t wait to get home. You simply crave that experience of going through those familiar lanes like a free bird, getting a whiff of your favourite foods and enjoying the hustle of your city. But before you start whiling your days away, here are seven things you should definitely do when you go home from hostel.


Food! Everything does begin and end with food, but when we’re talking about home, food always comes first for a person who is used to hostel food. So, soak up in the splendor of Mom’s food and get pampered as you’re served heavenly delights.

Also, for people who live in strict hostels, it just feels awesome when you wake up in the middle of the night and Mom makes you food. So, take advantage of the love, guys!


Almost every college going student knows what it means to be sleep deprived. So, while you’re at your home, and you’re in your old room, take advantage of that comfy familiar bed and catch up on your sleep.

With no assignments, no projects, no annoying friends and with parents ready to pamper you, nobody’s stopping you!

Get Up To Date With Your Laundry

Oh, how can we forget this one? In hostel, you’re busy doing mental calculation about the laundry- “How many clothes do I have?”  “How many do I need to wash today?” “Do I have clean clothes for tomorrow?”

With Mom taking care of and organizing all the laundry, you can relax and enjoy all you want. Plus, make sure you click lots of pictures and meet everyone, while you’re wearing freshly laundered clothes.

Meet friends

Remember those days when a few people meant the world to you? Oh yes, we all have those friends we would spend the whole day with, but don’t talk to these days because school’s over and you don’t meet them anymore.

So, use this slice of time and meet them, tell them how much you miss them and show them how much you love them. Also, don’t forget to get the latest gossip about them and all the other friends!

Visit Those Hangout Spots

Now that you’re meeting your old friends and knowing about their present, it is time to back into the past. So, indulge in a bit of nostalgia and visit all your favourite hangout spots.

Remember that pani puri wala near your tuitions where you’d go after classes? Or that café in front of your college where you’d go whenever you bunked classes? Or that park near your house where you spent countless hours?

Now that you’re back in your city, take out some time and visit all these places. Relive those memories and watch time come to a standstill as the rest of the world rushes by.


Let’s not be shy, now. Admit it, you guys, everyone loves shopping. Be it clothes, jewelry, paints, crockery, or gadgets, we all have a weakness for something.

So, while your parents are feeling magnanimous, take advantage of all that generosity and buy that over the top expensive top (or necklace, or mason jar, or metallic paints, or earphones) that you’ve been dreaming about for quite some time.

Make sure to use that puppy face and I’m-here-for-just-few-days card later.

Dream About Going Back

For all those of you who live in a super closely knit society, with interfering relatives and inquisitive neighbours, you might be able to reduce the torture by dreaming about the day when you would go back.

Or if you’re stuck up with super strict parents, who are determined to make you “the perfect daughter/son” you might want to count the days till you go back to your hostel and to your freedom.

Whatever you do or don’t do, make sure you treasure every moment of these lazy, idle days and store it in your memory forever.

Written by Aneri Doshi
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