Friday, 14 October 2016

7 Reasons why being in a Relationship is the Best Thing Ever!

Dating can be fun sometimes‒meeting new people, going out to new places, feeling the excitement of a new relationship. But do you really enjoy it?  It’s just not fun after a certain point. But don’t you feel like settling down when you find that special someone. Many think that settling down or being in a relationship can be boring. But relationships don’t have to be boring! In fact, being in a relationship makes your life better! 

Here are 7 reasons which make your life amazing being in a relationship.

1. Relationships can help to make us better people. 

Often we have the energy to do things for others that we wouldn’t do for ourselves. Love is powerful in that way. If your partner brings out the best in you, he or she is a keeper.

2. Turning things around can be much easier than you think.

Usually, we are just being stubborn or resentful. Dropping your attitude and appreciating that your other half has been putting up with your sin can help to make you more understanding.

3. You feel happier.

There’s less stress, less depression, of course, you’re happier! There are even scientific studies that show married people being happier and living longer than their unmarried peers.

4. You learn to compromise.

In a relationship, you have to share. You share living space, dinner plans, and nights out with friends. You split holidays with families. You learn how to give a little and how to get a little. This makes you a better person because you’re showing your love, you’re showing your flexibility, and you’re showing that you care enough to work together.

5. Your world is expanded.

Being in a relationship means you get to hear about your partner’s interests. You’ll be exposed to new authors, musicians, and movies‒and you’ll already know they’re good! You’ll meet new family and hopefully become close with them.

6. Romance creates warmth, hope, and happiness.

The more you have, the more you will enjoy your life. It sounds simple because it is.

7. Having a hand to hold as you go through life makes the difficulties easier to deal with. 

When things go problematic, knowing that your mate has your back will allow you to go through whatever you have to and come out the other side a more positive person.

Written by Manisha Choraria
A Graduate, Full of enthusiasm. Bollywood freak and full of life. Love writing and aspire to evolve as a good writer.

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