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Zermatt: A Nature Lover's Paradise

Ask anyone who has visited Switzerland at least once in their life what their favorite part of the country is and you will most likely get a unanimous answer mentioning its scenic beauty. Switzerland, aka Heaven on Earth, time and again allows you to be one with nature. Whether it means connecting you to the tops of snow-clad mountain peaks through the best railways or letting you feast your eyes on turquoise lakes with water so clear that you are left spellbound, Switzerland is the go-to destination for all nature-lovers.

If there is one place that I would especially recommend, it would be the town of Zermatt.

Zermatt is a beautiful municipality in the district of Visp in Valais, Switzerland. Situated at an elevation of 1,620m or 5,310 feet, Zermatt lies at the foot of Switzerland's highest peaks. Surrounded by mountains on all four sides, it is a famous tourist place, courtesy of the Matterhorn, the snow covered mountain you can probably glimpse from the streets or from your hotel room window. Though it is foremost recognized as a famous ski resort, it also offers a sense of calm for those craving a break from the present.

Something notable about this place is that cars are strictly not allowed here, hence, the pure air. Taxis and golf carts which run with electric engines are the only viable means of transportation within the town, save bicycles – which you can find in almost every corner of Switzerland.

First-comers who are aware of this specific train ride usually take the Glacier Express to reach Zermatt, wherein they may enjoy a 6-hour long journey, with a top to bottom view of the surroundings. With the spectacular countryside view, waterfalls every step of the way, rivers where you can go white water rafting, green lawns covered with wildflowers and animals such as cows, sheep, and goat grazing by the railway tracks, it is definitely a sight worth taking in. Once in a while, you may even spot horses. Zermatt is a quiet and decent place to go shopping; visit the Matterhorn Museum and learn about the history of the village while going on a realistic tour; go up in the mountains for winter sports, or visit Gornergrat – a place where you can have the opportunity of experiencing a panoramic view of the mountains. If you are someone who loves snow, you might want to pick that time of the year to visit such that you can catch a few flurries. Again, if you are a person who craves peace and calm, you can merely pick a hotel room with a balcony having a nice view of the Matterhorn and sit back and relax – even meditate.

It is difficult not to fall in love with Zermatt. If you’re a nature lover or if you live in the city and want to get away from the city noise, I’d say Zermatt is the place for you. And remember, when you plan your trip, make sure you book tickets for the Glacier Express, as well!

Written by Priyanshi Sheth
"Namaste!" from a creative, Indian soul who aims to keep herself motivated as she writes, travels, photographs, and thereby, shares her knowledge.

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