Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Yes, Time Travel Is Possible

Hello, readers let me first tell you the reasons that caused me to write this article on time travel. I'm preparing for IIT JEE and it's real hard to crack (at least for me). I love science. I love to know how things work. Every machine is a poem to me.

Now getting to the point- The other day, I was able to squeeze out some time for myself. Some clouds of doubts were in my head. What if, despite all the hard work (I'm devoting 10 hours a day), I don't get into an IIT? What if I'm destined to be something else? What is my fate? It was only then the idea of time travel flashed across my mind. I was then glued to my phone for the next 2 hours and these are the facts I learned.


The truth is that wormholes are the small (really small) tunnels, all around us. These are not visible to human eyes. These connect one space to other. I went through an article by Stephen Hawking and his explanations are really beautiful. We all know the 3 dimensions (length, breadth, and depth). Even kids know about them. The 4th dimension is time. Everything has some space between them (at microscopic scale). Similarly, as Stephen Hawking describes, we have a hole in space too (by space I don’t specifically mean the ‘astronomical space’ but our surroundings). These wormholes act as portals of time travel. These connect places of different times.

The idea is to inflate these tiny wormholes. Inflation can be made possible somehow, but this would pose a problem. Heard of feedback? No? if you’ve ever been to a concert, you must have heard the screeching noise produced by the mic. The sound goes into the mic, goes through the amplifier and comes out of the speaker louder. Too much sound gets into the system which loops around several times, gets louder and produces the ear-numbing noise. Similarly, if the wormholes were to be inflated, feedback won’t let it exist (sound replaced by radiations here).

Einstein’s theory of special relativity-

This theory proves that time moves faster or slower depending on how fast you move relative to others. The faster you move, the faster time travels. Stephen Hawking states that time moves a bit faster in space. This has been verified by the extremely precise clocks in the GPS satellites. These gain a third of a billion every day. Also, an astronaut is slightly younger (when he returns from space) than his twin. This is called twin paradox.

We have yet another way of travelling in time. The entity which exists 26,000 light years away from us is the black hole. It has the mass of 660 million suns. Gravity mighty enough not to let light escape. If a person were to move around the black hole in a spacecraft at the speed of light, he would be travelling half of the time on the earth. To put it simply, 10 minutes in the spacecraft would be equal to 20 minutes on earth.

So everything boils down to this- time travelling is possible but we are restricted by our contemporary technology. Have been proved right but not practically. We might be able to travel time, some day.

Written by Prajwal Pitlehra
A 12th pass out with science in my pocket and pen in my hand, I hope to make my place in the world.

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