Thursday, 15 September 2016

Why Comparing Ourselves to Others is a Terrible Thing?

We all have done this one terrible thing at some point in our life: compared ourselves to another human being. Maybe you compared your weight, maybe you compared your money, and maybe you even compared your boyfriends/girlfriends. This is probably one of the worst things that you can possibly do to yourself as it is never, ever going to end in joy. Here is why you need to stop comparing yourself to others right away.

Ruins your Self Confidence

You might not see the effects of it right away but slowly and very surely, it is going to eat away at your levels of confidence. It will make you dislike certain things you loved about yourself until you went and compared yourself with someone else. The world is going to do more than enough to ruin your faith in yourself, why help them?

Makes you feel Bad

Anything that ever makes you feel bad should always be removed from your life immediately. And at times when you start comparing yourself to others: it’s your own mindset that needs to get rid of. Maybe you are feeling terrible that two people you introduced are better friends than you and they ever were. You might start to envy their friendship but you need to remember that comparing stuff isn’t going to help or change anything.

You let the Society win

Society’s favourite game to play is to pit us against one another. It wants us to feel bad about ourselves and our lives: aren’t the millions of ads put out there to make you hate how you look enough proof of that? When you start to compare yourself to the models that society has hired to make you hate yourself and actually let that create doubt in your minds, you let society win. And you should never, ever let that happen.

Ruins Relationships

The major part of comparing yourself to another person is that it takes place within your own head. You never actually end up voicing any doubts or insecurities that you have and it always keeps on playing within your own mind. This might end up in you resenting someone for something that they had nothing to do with in the first place. Comparing yourself to others can ruin very good and healthy relationships that you have going in your life.

It makes No Sense at all!

This is the number one reason why you should stop comparing yourself to others altogether. What is the sense in it? Yes, maybe your friend is close to someone else as well but that does not mean that she won’t be there when you need her. Maybe your friend’s boyfriend is funnier than your own, but he isn’t the one who brightens up your days. Maybe all you need is to know this one simple fact:

"You are the only one who is the number one priority in your life; you are the person whose progress you should focus on. Never compare yourself with someone else and make your life about them."

Written by Sanaa Mehra
Avid reader who will read anything thrown her way (provided that its fiction), Grammar Nazi to the T and a Lover of anything made by Bollywood (I mean anything.) If you're feeling sentimental, here I am!

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