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What makes us Human? TEDxNapierBridgeSalon

To all those who are not aware, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is the global set of conferences organized by the non-profit organization Sapling Foundation since 1984. The TEDx program created in the spirit of TED‘s mission, ideas worth spreading, is designed to give communities, organizations, and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level and operated under license from TED. Over the past few years, India has played a host to a number of TEDx events, the upcoming event being TEDxNapierBridgeSalon which would be conducted on 2nd Oct 2016 at IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
The TEDxNapierBridgeSalon is a meetup with some of the brightest minds you would know. Rather than being a whole day affair which sometimes becoming boring or exhausting, the Salon lasts for a couple of hours making it engaging till the end. Now isn't it interesting for people from diverse backgrounds coming together, discussing ideas and sharing knowledge? Watching TEDx talks together may give you an altogether different perspective on the things around us and decoding the various aspects of life and the world.

The theme of this first edition "What makes us Human" will revolve around the talks and discussions about the understanding of the World and the Humans. Now we all know that although the world is getting technically advanced every day, the bigger problems of life can only be solved by understanding each other and moreover, ourselves. Through this series of curated TED talks, the aim is to utilize this understanding for our better future and the coming generations. It targets to bring and create a community of people having different backgrounds, opinions, and ideas aligned together with the same vision.

In today's busy world where any information is instantly available within few clicks, we have started lacking the understanding of human emotions which is, unfortunately, making our life shallow. We have become so busy with our lives that it sometimes become difficult to just sit back and analyze where are we heading towards. Events like this, serve a really great purpose of breaking the monotony of our regular lives and being about an amalgamation of refreshing ideas.

Interested people can register themselves for this awesome event at Goeventz by clicking here

You would be surprised to know that the amount for this is somewhere around the movie ticket of a multiplex on the weekend. But the takeaway from this would be anytime much higher than that of a normal weekend entertainment.

Also, it is scheduled to happen in the IIT-Madras, so be ready to engross yourself in the environment of knowledge and brilliance with like-minded people. TEDx events have started gaining momentum all over the world due to the rising generation of people who want to change the world for better. Having personally been to one of the TEDx events last year in Mumbai, I can say that I learned a lot from the world changing discussions there. Remember, all the greatest and magnificent things that we see around us today, was once an Idea.

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Written by Rohit Jha

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