Tuesday, 6 September 2016

UP Police rolls out #TwitterSeva for real time complaint redressal

The Uttar Pradesh police is one of the largest police forces in India, headed by S. Javeed Ahmed (Director General of Police), an IPS of 1984 Batch. The UP police had been formed under the Police Act of 1861. The Uttar Pradesh police have become very active on social media and aims to increase its footprint in the digital world. In the present era, almost every person is on the social media and it is one of the very efficient steps taken by the Uttar Pradesh police to conquer the social media as it will be easy for them to reach the public. It has been made mandatory that every police department of the district must have a dedicated twitter handle. In this way, they can interact with the people online.

As told by Javeed Ahmed, Social media has become an important and effective tool to reach out to the people as well as connect with them, thus in the hour of the need it is the UP police who has to adopt the technology and utilize the platform. Innovation is the key to success. Under the able leadership of Hon. Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav it has been made possible to bring in the era of digitization within the state. As a result of this, the UP police have adopted the technological change in order to reach out to the public. The police department will be asked to increase their activity on social media in order to bring a better connection with the people. The efforts of the UP police department will not only reach out to the people but also it would strengthen the economy of the state as well as the country. It could act as a role model for the other states too so that they can follow the footprints of the UP police. In this way, the UP police force is gaining strength and becoming stronger and larger.

Twitter must be used as an effective redressal mechanism of public grievances as told by Javeed Ahmed. All senior officials must have twitter configured in the mobiles so that immediate action can be taken for public complaints. The district police chief must create a twitter handle with the name of the district in order to maintain uniformity. @Uppolice is the official twitter account of Uttar Pradesh police force. The other twitter handles with district names to mention a few include @unnaopolice, @Agratraffic, @Barabankipolice, @lucknowpolice, @meerutpolice and many more.

Many recent reports have come up showing the vigilance of the UP police that includes the arrest of 3 train robbers from where 18 mobiles, cash worth of Rs.35,000 and jewellery were recovered. Training sessions have also been provided on @TwitterIndia for Meerut, Agra, Bareli and Kanpur zone. The UP police official twitter handle has received a positive response from the people. The people are very happy and satisfied with the vigilance and the efficiency of the UP police.

Recently a man was held in Sultanpur for a human trafficking case. Many cases which were going unnoticed can now be easily looked into with the introduction of the social media platform.

In an official release on Thursday, August 25 2016, the Chief Minister of UP, Shri Akhilesh Yadav has announced one day off for all those cops who work for 10 days continuously. Earlier the policemen did not have any weekly offs or fixed offs. A leave application had to be submitted by them to the department in order to get a leave. If approved by the higher officials then only could they get a leave. This used to cause stress among the policemen. Also, they could not pay attention to their families, social as well as personal duties. This decision has been implemented by Akhilesh Yadav keeping in mind the stress that the policemen face due to no leaves at all.
At the initial stage, this system would be implemented for constables, head constables, assistant sub-inspectors, and sub-inspectors. This implementation can help the policemen in maintaining a balance between the personal as well as the professional front. The families of the policemen have expressed their happiness following the decision.

It has been reported that the official twitter handle of the UP police has gained lot of appreciation for its alertness and quick response. Their official twitter handle has more than 45,000 followers and it is increasing with time. With the continuing efforts of the UP police, the safety level of the state in on the rise. If the police department continues to remain vigilant then the day is not far when the state will be free of crimes and complaints. These efforts can surely encourage all the other parts of the country also to adopt such measures so as to ensure the safety of the common people.

Written by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow.

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