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Top 5 Positive Life Quotes for You

It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but the beliefs. So here are 5 quotes for you which may help you elope to a whole new different phase of your life.

#1. "Today You Are You, That Is Truer than True. There Is No One Alive Who Is Youer than You! " – Dr Seuss

You are one of a kind among all the trazillion set of people. Remember, you are unique. You are blessed with your own skills, talents, abilities, looks within yourself which only you possess. The key towards these things is to accept them wholesomely and thus embrace the fact.

The world is here to change you into something which you would never fit in. But unlike it takes courage to be you. Remember, there’s no second you. It’s just you and your consciousness. Try seeking improvements in your own ways because the only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday, you don’t have to follow the herd, stand out of the crowd, do not compare.Learn, that you are already a special person, for you are you and the only person who will ever exist be you.

#2. "You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind" – Unknown

You are the driver of your thoughts, these thoughts drive you to your destination - be it the unimaginable success or worry or happiness or paralyze us in fear. But most often the reality is that we are absorbed in thoughts which are negative, if we dwell onto these thoughts for too long then our subconscious mind will start believing the same which is created against our will. About why can’t have your own dream and be the person you want to be, about how to find your happiness and discover peace.

It’s essential for us to have positive thoughts, in order to have a positive productive thought. Practice this time over time. Don’t let the negativity overpower you. Let it be replaced so that you can start focusing on the good rather than the bad. If you are happy the atmosphere around you also gets happier and so do the people

#3. "Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace" – Kimberly Jones

You must be knowing of the connection which we share with the people we live with, the people we work with and also the ones with whom we engage on the social media. This connection gives us a sense of empathy with which we are able to relate and share one another’s feelings. The feelings ranging right from all the joys to the despairs. This generates a sense of communism within us and allows us to participate in each other’s lives.

But in order to share peace you must be peaceful at the first place, at times we know of people who just seem to create chaos everywhere they go, because when they are around, things just start to get steamy and stormy and then comes the time when we get caught up in this whole drama and argument. Thus turning the tables on is the best thing you could possibly do to turn the situation around. Don’t join them in the chaos instead keep your presence peaceful no matter what and get them in your zone of mindfulness and then see the magic happen.

You have a choice to make to be either pulled in their storms or continue to live and share your inner peace. The Choice is yours.


#4. "Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful" – Thich Nhat Hanh

A smile is a beautiful attire one wears, it shares a common bridge between various different races, countries, cultures, and languages. It can bring stillness to an anxious mind, strength to the weak, serenity to a dejected soul, comfort to a grieving heart, sunshine on a gloomy day, well being to the sick stricken, hope to hopeless.

A smile is a message of love. An invitation to friendship, a silent bond between humans. Smile, today so that you could radiate the goodness to touch all those around you. Let this smile be that burst of cheerfulness that one might need on an otherwise turbulent day.

#5. "As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin" – Pablo Neruda

We have been living in a world where outer beauty is the primary focus and inner beauty the secondary. So when you get applauded, showered with n number of flattery compliments and get better treatment from strangers for your good looks it’s just that you are being an ‘entertainment’ to the society. Well, though it’s natural and totally understood that the human eye appreciates the beauty, but it’s even better if you are been appreciated for being beautiful inside. 

Believe me when I say this that it’s the inner beauty that prevails the outer beauty. Because a beautiful heart and a gracious soul is what we humans must appreciate and strive to possess. Remember that your outer beauty is going to fade away in time and all that remains is your inner soul which is massively appreciated.

Written by Aditi Warnoolkar
Engineer | Avid blogger & writer who believes in penning down her thoughts | Poetry fanatic | Canophilist | Dreamer

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