Friday, 9 September 2016

Things you must often do for Mental Peace

I am sure that the very first thought in your mind must have been 'This is the same old thing about loving yourself' the moment you read the heading. But believe me; the small things mentioned below will surely help you to derive a state of mental peace if followed.

While reading this as well you must be mentally thinking about the endless list of your pending work tasks you have to do after reading this. This list will never end and thus all this can wait for a few moments but our own small happiness that you deserve cannot. Every now and then we cannot pack our backs and go for a trip. All these years I learnt one thing that it's  you who can keep yourself in a happy space in spite of all the chaos around.

1. Value your happiness

If you won’t, who will value it? Pamper yourself by doing small things like following your hobby of writing, painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument or even just shopping. Because it helps to escape from the reality as you are more likely to focus on something you love. This may seem stupid, but for once, if you follow it you will actually be refreshed.

2. Appreciate

Learn to appreciate yourself when you achieve small goals. Well, that is how you do not discourage yourself after an average performance. It can be any small thing, like I, appreciate myself when I paint something decent. Because if you don’t appreciate and believe in your small steps how will you appreciate yourself when you achieve your goal? You must also appreciate the small things happening around you, because well that is what builds the atmosphere in your environment. If you are not happy with the things around, then how will you live in a peaceful mental state?

3. Move ahead

Keep moving. Whatever has happened, it is done. Thinking about it is just a waste of time. Rather, accept it, learn from it, forgive the person if it is about someone’s mistake as it provides you with the mental peace and allows you to move ahead. Thinking about yesterday is something we can do, but over thinking about yesterday is not something we can afford for our today and tomorrow.

4. Accept

The bitter truth is that we also need time to accept various things like everyone may not agree with our opinion, we learn from our mistakes and all. Let’s just accept that no one is perfect and it is okay to make mistakes until you release them. And you  just cannot plead everyone about something. Few things are not in our hands and so rather than thinking much about it, believe in your instincts and just go with the flow.

5. Enjoy your company

For once, just go out alone without thinking about anything and complete the work you want to. This helps your mind to calm as you do not have an interpersonal communication but have an intra-personal communication. You not only communicate to yourself  but also speak your mind freely to yourself.

Written by Radhika Shah
Living in the city of dreams to paint words.

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