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Things Which We All Feel During GANESH CHATURTHI

So guys, the most lovable, enthusiastic and electrifying festival is all here and I’m sure everyone is pretty excited for it. The Ganesh Chaturthi! It’s that time of the year for which we wait insanely. The religious rave that makes up for the entire Ganesh Chaturthi festival is magical. Be it a young or old, rich or poor, everyone does their best to impress one of the cutest Lords; Ganesh. Everyone has a unique way of celebrating this festival. And it’s seen all over India that the pandal makers try their best to be the best. Everyone follow different methods of building up enthusiasm around this occasion. But certain elements are only symbolic of this festival, thus making everyone feel happy for being part of their own small or huge contributions.

So here are some activities that can be seen, felt and done by people across the nation during this divine festival!

Streets flooded with Ganesh idols of eye-catching features

Days before the festival is about to start, we can people crafting Lord Ganesh’s  idols in the best possible manner, different people line up to sell Ganesh idols and many selling the decorating items and all. Some masterpieces idols can be seen while walking down the shops. While variations in the idols reflect artisans’ craftiness, the multiple sizes allow everyone to have their own version of Ganapati.

The last moment preps!

It’s just like an examination on the coming day as everyone gets ready to showcase their Ganesh in the best possible manner. Everyone wants to be the best and therefore every person gets creatively busy with flickering lights, colorful ribbons, hanging, flowers and lots more.

The previous night just before the D-day becomes the night of colorful decorations.

Dress up to look the best!

Everyone gets excited to wear new attires and to be in festive appearances. Ganesh Chaturthi becomes the perfect festival to get some bright costume to add up to the festive mode.

Time for some Prasad!

Lord Ganesh loves Prasad and so do we! The delicious sweets that are offered right after the Puja are one of  the most awaiting things for everyone.

The delicious sight of Modak, Ladoo, and every Prasad lets one gorge like a child!

We hope that everyone maintains the true essence of this festival and let the charm be there during the festival. Glorify the Lord uniquely while also keep in mind to cheer up everybody. Ganapati Bappa Morya!

Written by Manisha Choraria
A Graduate, Full of enthusiasm. Bollywood freak and full of life. Love writing and aspire to evolve as a good writer.
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