Thursday, 8 September 2016

Things to do when you’re feeling Lonely

Loneliness is one of the worst emotions that a person can experience. You feel like there is no one you can talk to and no one that will understand you at all, when in fact you were feeling completely normal one day back. You need to understand that this is a temporary feeling that you are going through and it will change eventually. However, in the meantime here are a few things that you can do to deal with feeling lonely.

Get off Social Media

In the day and age that we are living in, seeing other people living their lives and having fun tends to make us feel lonely. Social media has sadly become a tool of comparison of all of our lives and it isn’t helping anyone. Take one day off from all kinds of social media. While you might think that this might make you feel more isolated and alone, it will actually be very good for you and will help you realize what it is that you want to do.


Exercise seems to be the answer to all the problems, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s a tried, tested and winning combination at making someone feel better. Go to your nearest gym, pool, park or court and work out all the loneliness and frustration that you are feeling. The mere effort that you make in getting out of your house and actually physically pushing yourself will make you feel a lot better about yourself.

Go for a Walk

Now this walk can be in any possible place that you want: a park, a mall, a beach. Just make sure that you are surrounded by a large number of people. Being in a crowd will make sure that you feel a little less alone. Maybe one of the reasons you are feeling lonely is because you are surrounded by people who don’t support you, but that’s the best thing about a crowd. You do not know anyone and no one knows you. Go out there and people watch to your hearts capacity, you will feel better for sure.

Do something Creative

The best way to get rid of this feeling that has begun to take over your life is to completely immerse yourself in someone else’s life. Go watch a movie or read a book about another person. When you will begin to lose yourself in their stories and begin to see what troubles they are going through, it will definitely distract you from yours. Another way to deal with this emotion is to express it either through writing or through painting. This will make you feel like a huge load has been lifted from your chest and it will be very good for your mental well-being. 

Visit Family

Even though you might feel like you are all alone in the world that is not the case. There are a number of people out there who love you and support you unconditionally. Go and visit some family member who you haven’t met in a long time and I assure you, you will feel much better. They will take care of you and shower you with the love that you need to get out of the emotional state that you are in. It doesn’t have to only be family, meet or call and talk to anyone that you trust and it shall all feel much easier to handle.

Written by Sanaa Mehra
Avid reader who will read anything thrown her way (provided that its fiction), Grammar Nazi to the T and a Lover of anything made by Bollywood (I mean anything.) If you're feeling sentimental, here I am!

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