Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Stages of Working in a Group Project

Group project, the one term that can initiate more feelings in us than our significant others even can. Group projects are some of the most dreaded things that a person has to go through in their college life and there is always a certain amount of feelings you go through when you have to work in a group project:


As hard as it might be to believe that anyone can get excited about a group project, it is the initial feeling that we have. We are excited when we hear the names of the new people who we are going to be working with and we are filled with hope that these people will not let us down. We are naïve at this time as well as we conveniently forget all the projects that we have been a part of previously.


This the moment when we start to remember all the group projects that we have been a part of before. It usually starts off when the other members of the group tend not to care about the project and do not reply to your messages on the group. But you also have a small amount of hope that is still lingering which makes you hope that they will contribute to the project.


All the hope that was mentioned before goes away and is replaced with feelings of hatred against every single person who is a member of your group. You start cursing the day that you were put into a group and even consider complaining about them to the teacher. Sometimes you go ahead and complain to the teacher, only to make those people in the group hate you. Other times, you say nothing at all and hate yourself.


After going through a roller-coaster of emotions that has been this group project, you finally come to terms with the fact that you are most likely going to have to work on your own. You curse everyone in your group every day but you do continue to do the work because it is your grade that is on the line.


This is the pure bliss and happiness that you feel once your group project has finally been completed. The entire process of working in the project has been so tiresome that you do not even care if you got a bad grade, you are simply glad that it is finally over! Sadly, this feeling only lasts long enough till the next project comes along. Enjoy the in-between time.

Written by Sanaa Mehra
Avid reader who will read anything thrown her way (provided that its fiction), Grammar Nazi to the T and a Lover of anything made by Bollywood (I mean anything.) If you're feeling sentimental, here I am!

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