Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Puppet Fundamentals Workshop

"The best way to predict the future is to create it", this proverb makes even more sense these days, when the traditional modes of business and computing are changing at a really fast pace. With the IT infrastructure of all the major companies moving towards Cloud and Automation, it becomes mandatory for the professionals and the students to upgrade themselves to the latest skills for staying relevant in the job market. Telling from my personal experience during the job interviews, having certifications and attended workshops, certainly gives a lot of weightage to your resume and candidature.

I came across an upcoming Puppet fundamentals workshop on Goeventz. To those who are not aware, Puppet in computing is an open-source configuration management tool, which runs on Linux like systems as well as on Microsoft windows, and includes its own declarative language to describe system configuration. It provides a standard way of delivering/operating softwares and automating all of the infrastructure at scale.

This workshop is being organized by School of devops which is one of its kind training school, imparting technical training to create world class Devops and Cloud professionals. The objective of this two-day course is to familiarize budding devops professionals and system admins with the core concepts of puppet, Master/Agent and standalone modes and helping them to write infrastructure as a code. The course also would also impart training on how to use puppet for automating common infrastructure tasks such as installing and configuring systems, deploy applications, manage softwares and manage large IT infrastructures with ease. The good to have pre-requisites from the participants would be the basic understanding of Linux/Unix system concepts and system administrations knowledge, familiarity with Command Line Interfaces (CLI) and a Text Editor.

The basic of this course, that is Day 1, is broadly categorized to cover all the topics ranging from Introduction to Puppet and the tools like Vagrant, Virtual Box, resources and manifests related to the building blocks, creating modules etc. The Day 2, would cover advanced subject areas like creating templates,variables, parameterized classes and multiple instances with defined data types. Puppet master/agent configurations and puppet forge modules. Also, externalizing data with hierarchies and examples of windows specific modules for Puppet.

Attending this workshop would be a great opportunity for all the aspiring and existing professionals who want to foray in this upcoming stream of configuration management using Puppet. Training and certification on the latest technology not only gives you a competitive advantage in the job market but it has also become mandatory so that the skills do not become obsolete in the ever changing IT market. Getting quality technical training has always been a challenge, but the trainer of this course, Gourav Shah, is a seasoned trainer with a proven expertise. He has imparted devops training to more than 2000 IT professionals from world class MNCs like CISCO, Oracle, Walmart labs, Accenture and Capgemini.

Interested people can check out the details of this event and also register themselves at the given link:

About Goeventz-

Goeventz is an online platform for connecting people with great events happening around them. It is an one-stop portal for all the events like conferences, rock concerts, festivals, fund raisers, exhibitions, trade fairs etc. It serves a great purpose for the participants providing them information about the latest events and giving them a hassle free mode of registration for the same. It is also a fun way of networking with like minded people and develop communities around the common areas of interests. For organizers, Goeventz gives their events the much deserved exposure and increased footfalls.

Written by Rohit Jha

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