Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lost & Found- Life of a Geek

With the deep intrusion of the internet and mobile devices/applications, audiences these days certainly have a lot of options to choose from. The format of entertainment and the type of content has been taking a dramatic shift. Younger people are now fond of TV and Web series instead of the never-ending saas-bahu sagas. But till now, the scenario being hugely dominated by foreign content, there was a need for some Desi stuff with which we would be able to relate in a better way.

I came across a Web Series 'Lost & Found' on SonyLIV, which is a digital video platform. Having watched the first episode of this web-series, I would like to give you a hint of what you can expect from it.

It starts with the early morning routine of a Geeky guy named Jaiveer Rathod. Being surrounded by gadgets which try to simplify his life, you may assume to be cool? But it isn't that simple. Geeks are usually considered to be a matter of humour for the not-so-technical people. And the episode depicts it in the perfect but a really sarcastic way. Being a techie myself, I mean no offence to my fellow friends who always just geek-out. Some scenes also depict how brilliant people sometimes miss out on the basics of solving silly problems. 

Majority of the times, people would not understand what geeks say or they would not even bother to. Being a geek is not a matter of choice, it is just the way we are, just like any other artist or some other interesting profession. There are some incidents in the episode, which I am sure, every geek would connect with. But Boss, you are going to love it for sure. It is evident that sooner or later, Geeks always do extraordinary things and my expectations from Jaiveer in this series remain just that.

One commendable thing about Lost And Found is its simplistic approach. Apart from Jaiveer, it also introduces Preeti, a 25-year-old girl, who is being forced to marry against her wish. Now, this is not a melodramatic scenario, at all. Youngsters these days, want to marry at a later age because of their respective reasons. And here, it is beautifully plotted to keep your appetite for humour alive. 

With some simple sequence of events, the paths of both these opposite but equally interesting characters are bound to cross. And this definitely created a curiosity in me, how would things shape up in the upcoming episodes? Well, I found some interesting content from the Signature Series of SonyLIV and look forward to what happens next.

The first episode can be watched at

We have been following TV and Web series of Firangis for a long time. Now is our turn to have something of our own and moreover, that feeling of belonging which comes from being an Indian.

Written by Rohit Jha

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