Friday, 23 September 2016

Influence of Technology in our Daily Life

We all are too much dependent on technology. From morning to night, we use too many gadgets to save our time and efforts. We all have busy schedules and for completing our tasks on time it helps us a lot. I completely agree that they are very useful for saving time which is very precious but we can’t ignore the fact that it also makes us lazy on the other hand. And it ultimately affects our health adversely.

Nowadays, we see that obesity in children, adults and almost everyone who is tech savvy rising. The main reason behind rising obesity is the use of gadgets for doing most of our work and less exercising of the body. And not only obesity is rising but also other diseases are rising like tennis elbow, hearing and eye problems, also diabetes and blood pressure which are the ultimate effect of obesity.

I don’t want to say you that leave all gadgets and live a simple life without technology. I know it’s not possible. But we use them to a limit so that we can lower its negative effects on our health. We can fight obesity by regular exercising, walking and other activities. But what about other problems like weak eye sights and hearing loss. They can be cured just by reducing the use of mobile phones, earphones and avoiding loud music. Use of mobile phones is necessary in today’s world but we can avoid playing games on smartphones, laptops, and desktop etc.

Use of Wi-Fi may cause loss of fertility in both males and females. It reduces sperm count in males and harms reproductive parts of females.

Have you heard of a computer wrist? If not then hear of it now and decide whether you are diagnosed with it already. People who type too much are prone to computer wrists or painful wrists due to carpal tunnel. This is not it. But also some other problems like warped sensations of the phone ringing. A whole lot of people wake up in the middle of nights because they heard their phone ringing and it might be important, except just that their phone was not ringing.

Though cancer cannot be entirely linked to technology but it is most definitely the most dangerous impact technology can have on health. Smartphones release certain radiations that are absorbed by human bodies and which might cause tumours. Tumours in the long run if left untreated cause cancer.

Now it’s your decision that would you want to continue use of technology in the same way as you are using today or just for productive purposes and not to that extent which may harm your body.

Obesity can be cured by regular exercising, cycling, and walking. But what about other problems? Think yourself about your health and priorities. I just want to advise you that avoid playing video games. Games played in teams outside the home are more entertaining than playing games on smartphones or computer. You will really enjoy them and they are also good for health.

Written by Prerna Garg
I am from Khurja, have completed my secondary education and now pursuing B.B.A. from Bulandshahr. I have a special interest in writing.

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