Friday, 2 September 2016

God, Religion and the Difference in Ideas

Religion and God, two things that are primarily a lot important, especially in the Indian society. There are various theories about the origin of each one of them, and though the objective was to reaffirm the faith in the oneness of God and unity of mankind, it serves an exactly opposite purpose today.

While writing this, I am not very sure what the idea is. The concept is myriad, and it all looks like a labyrinth. So, let us imagine that it is a quest to find answers to some longtime pending questions.

Recently, I had this opportunity to meet someone. This fellow,who called himself an atheist, asked the easiest thing. Why do you believe in God, and what according to you is the importance of Religion? This is an answer to that.

As a matter of fact, believing or not believing in some things, for instance, in the existence of God, is not a choice for everyone. Many a times, it so happens that we accept things like that without any question, because of social and moral obligations, or because of the beliefs of our family. But in my opinion,the primary reason is that men attempt to find solace in one way or the other. It is very comforting to believe that there is someone who has been looking out for us, and who will help us, through miracles of his own, in the time when we need him. What one needs to understand however, that this is a highly personal thought, and varies from person to person. Though the reason why people believe in God is different, there is one way to unite them all together, Religion.

Religious practices today, although are used to divide people on the grounds of different beliefs, but the concept is much different from what it is intended for.

People have divided themselves into different groups themselves, where everyone is bound to believe in, and follow a particular idol.Today, people are using it as a means to promote their own personal and political interests, which has lead to nothing but the promotion of chaos and anarchy.

So, what is the solution of all this? Ironically,there is none. The religious beliefs, as already stated depends on personal opinion , something that can not and must not be influenced. Religion is important to them, who believe in it, but must not be forced on them, who do not wish to accept this idea. If people, in general, start respecting the opinion of others, it would definitely lead to a better social and cultural understanding.

However, what we can address as of now is to ensure that religion is not misinterpreted, or wrongly quoted, leading to violence and chaos, the current middle -eastern crisis being the biggest example. There has to be a difference between a belief and a superstition. It is not wrong to believe in something, as long as you have your own reasons to do so.

But yes, it is definitely wrong to expect others to believe in the same things as you do, and create havoc and instability when that does not happen.

Ending with just one thought in mind, ‘Will we ever be capable enough to get out of this labyrinth and get the answers of what God and Religion are truly meant to be’?

Written by Avinash Srivastava
A Writer of Stories, Loves Novels and Movies

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