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Emotions you go through when you have been led on

Being led on by someone is one of the worst things that you can be put through. It might not seem like a lot and people might even disregard whatever it is that you’re feeling but you need to know that it is completely natural and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are feeling. Here are a few general emotions that you are going to go through:


Being hopeful is one of the main reasons and feelings that are associated with being led on. People are going to use this emotion against you when you realise that you have been led on. They are going to say things like You shouldn’t have been so hopeful orNever expect so much from someone. While you might feel inclined to agree with them, do remember that hope is not a bad thing to feel at all. We might even place our hope in the wrong people sometimes, but that doesn’t make it our enemy.


You are going to endlessly question and degrade yourself when you have been led on. You will ask yourself what is wrong with you. Why were you not enough for them? Why were they not willing to take the plunge with you? Are you lacking in something? You are going to lose a little amount of confidence that you have in yourself but know this: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. They were not ready for someone as great as you, that shows something lacking in them. You need to know that you will eventually find the person who is willing to accept all that you are.


After you get out of the phase where you feel bad for yourself, you start feeling angry. This anger is directed both at them and at yourself. You hate that other person for wasting your time and making you feel like you had a shot with them. More than anything else, you hate them for making you doubt yourself and questioning your self-worth. You might even imagine scenarios of harming them and as crazy as it is, it is also completely normal. The more important anger that you will feel will be towards yourself. You might start hating yourself a little for allowing yourself to be led on, but it was not your fault. Never hate on yourself.

Moving on

This is probably the only good emotion that is going to come out of being led on. When you’re in the aftermath of the whole situation, you are going to hate the fact that you are feeling so much. You will feel like you might never move on from this person. But the truth is, with some time everyone does move on and so will you. This completely terrible time in your life might lead to one of the best lessons that you will ever learn.

So do it, go through it all. Feel the roller-coaster of emotions that you will definitely be on the receiving end of but know and hold on to that hope that it will all be good again.

Written by Sanaa Mehra
Avid reader who will read anything thrown her way (provided that its fiction), Grammar Nazi to the T and a Lover of anything made by Bollywood (I mean anything.) If you're feeling sentimental, here I am!

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