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Dimple Yadav's adopted village in top 5, leaves PM Narendra Modi behind

On 11 October 2014, i.e. the birthday of Jayaprakash Narayan, our honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi started the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. According to this yojana, every MP has been given the responsibility to convert the allotted village to a model village. Developing a model village includes almost every aspect like proper electricity supply, development of roads, adequate water supply, and providing education as well as health facilities. People believed that very soon the dreams of Gandhi ji would be fulfilled as these villages would be well developed. But the situation remained the same even after 3 years. All the developmental norms and conditions are just written in the files.

In Uttar Pradesh, 80 MP’s are selected for Lok Sabha and 31 MPs are selected for Rajya Sabha. So in total, there are 111 villages which would become the models. But, till now, only 70 Lok Sabha and 15 Rajya Sabha MPs have adopted villages i.e. a total of 85 MPs.  The village adopted by MP Dimple Yadav secured a position among top 5 model villages. The surprising part is that the village adopted by Narendra Modi i.e. Jayapur village did not secure any position among the top 15 model villages. This means that in Jayapur village, the work was not done according to the norms and conditions of the yojana. It is only those 15 villages that have been able to successfully complete this yojana.

In the first phase of Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, 702 MPs adopted villages, out of which 646 MPs submitted the development report to Gramin Vikas Board. According to this report, 16 teams had been sent to 47 villages for inspection. In all those 16 teams a total of 32 officers were involved who investigated the reports that had been submitted to the Gramin Vikas Board. These officers would visit each and every village and enquire the village people and panchayat head in order to know the truth regarding the developmental works.

Among the 47 inspected villages, 24 villages have been adopted by BJP. Of all those, 15 top villages had been shortlisted by the Ministry of Rural Development for their best work performances and fulfilling all the criteria of Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. According to the initiative  “Adopt a Village”, only 6 are from Bharatiya Janta Party among the top 15 MPs.

The MP of Kannauj, Dimple Yadav, holds a position among the top 5 villages. The village adopted by her was Saidpur Sakri and has become one of the famous villages due to the activities that have been implemented there. The activities include the adequate supply of drinking water, proper electricity supply,  widow pension, schools,  mid-day meal schemes. All welfare activities related to the growth, development and well-being of people have been successfully achieved there. It has also been decided that the Gramin Vikas Board would make a film on all the villages which have secured the top 15 positions. This film would be published on CDs and sold to the public so that the public would be aware of the developmental activities that are taking place in the villages.

According to Dimple’s mission, the menace of malnutrition would also be handled in all the villages adopted by her. Recently, Dimple Yadav was also announced as the face of the State’s nutrition mission initiative. She is trying every other way to cope up with the sheer volume of malnutrition among the children. She is paying special attention to improving the health sector and also puts an emphasis on improving the maternal and infant mortality rates. In this way, she is trying to improve the state. Every person must learn from these activities and try to make India, both rural and urban a better place to live in. If these activities continue taking place within the state then surely the day will come when each and every city and village will be fully developed and well equipped.

Written by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow.

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