Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Depression: A Slow but definite Killer

“The last great stigma of the twentieth century is the stigma of mental illness.” - Tipper Gore

DEPRESSION, nothing serious isn’t it? Just a regular word we have heard numerous of time, Right? A term which means feelings of severe despondency and dejection. A mental dilemma faced by almost 350 MILLION people of all ages, worldwide. But still according to us “NOTHING SERIOUS.” 

Humans have a certain mindset, according to them, something that sounds complex is, in reality, a dangerous thing otherwise not. Isn’t it astonishing that if a person, say, he is suffering from some cancer or tumor, we get a sudden jerk and we sympathize with them and show them love and shower them with care, kindness and stand by them in their weakest times? While on the other hand, if one says he is suffering from depression, we stigmatize the person as well as the problem; that is how we treat depression!

Believe me, a patient suffering from depression needs as much care and affection as the one suffering from other diseases, we being humans, might not give it that much of importance but this problem leads towards isolation and then to complete darkness! To rescue the person,he needs to be cared in the most tender way possible!

We easily tag the depressed people as “The Weak.” It is absurd to hear and believe that depression’s root cause is being weak both mentally and physically. The cause isn’t being weak it’s being strong for too long!

The society that we live in has never ever been fair enough. No matter what situation is we will always find 10 different mouths uttering 10 different things. And it is impossible for any person nowadays to share their problems cause NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CARES. Either we have been taught this or maybe we’ve inherited that, “Care only about yourself, don’t waste your precious time in helping others.”

I think that this problem of depression arises when the society fails to accept that being vulnerable is a part of being human, it’s a part of living! You can’t play it all strong all the time. This society fails to realize that they are the ones pushing the person to drown in the lake of sorrow, pain, and depression! 

Don’t you think that at least 80% of the reason behind a person falling into the trap of depression is the people he is surrounded with? Consider the forever stereotypical saying that “BOYS DON’T CRY!”, which is completely ludicrous! It has led many males to enter into the darkness of tension and depression. 

Come on emotions show that you’re a human and not a machine doing mundane tasks, so why is it so wrong and hilarious when a guy cries? May be if you let him pour out his feelings and emotions he won’t struggle with it solely and who knows he never might come across depression then.

But we being the dexterous brains, never let others live in harmony and similarly others don’t let us live in harmony and then this cycle keeps on repeating and then those anti-depression pills are the only way out.

About 85 MILLION people out of those 350 MILLION people who are suffering from it, struggle from depression because they never let their negative thoughts out and face all the internal dilemma all alone. Depression can worsen the condition of the bearer to the worst possible level, so why not just take out a little time from our utterly busy schedule and have a talk with the person around who is fighting the battle of depression all alone.

By now we should understand that supporting the depression patient should be a primary instinct! 

REMEMBER, this is not a communicable disease, it’s just an unstable mind finding stability!

Written by Arushi Singh
Professionally an IT Engineer, Amateurly a Writer

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