Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Changing Food Habits of Youngsters

Today as we all know that the preference of food has been changed from DesiThali which include dal, roti, rice, pickle, vegetables, papad etc. to junk food and fast food. The variety of meat products, pizzas, burgers, cheese alike are attracting our taste buds. Buying pre-cooked food items is a trend which is on the increase day by day.

This change may be due to busy schedules, irregular time for eating, less availability of time to cook food and also demonstration effect on children as when they see their friends eating food at restaurants, canteen etc. they also desire to eat there without thinking its effects on their health.

After long office hours, people usually feel tired and hungry so prefer to buy easily available fast food. Another reason is that desi food is usually prepared with lots of oil content in it so this generation thinks that it is bad for our health as it may make us fatty and as a result avoid it.

Youngsters prefer aerated drinks and fast foods to fruit juices and home-made meals. The trend has been changed. This can be attributed mainly to the appealing advertisements carried out on television. Ads on television have had a marked effect on the choice of food items, especially among the young generation which decides their living standards with the influence of television. Most of the youngsters follow the celebrities for determining their lifestyle, who are their idols.

Now a question arises what should parents do to change these habits and make their children like home-made nutritional food and avoid junk food.

Well as I always say that parents decide the character and personality of their children so here also, parents have something to do. They can make the children love home-made food and avoid junk food by telling the implications of eating junk food regularly and also make them available home-made food daily on proper timings.

Mothers can avoid making junk food at home and serve good nutritional food to their children which is tasty and healthy as made by their mother at home and she always takes care of their health. The taste of food made by the mother can never be substituted by junk food and children always like it.

Good nourishment is the secret of a healthy and happy life. It is the basic investment a parent can make for the child’s future. A healthy brain always lives in a healthy body. So for being successful in life health should never be avoided.

If you are healthy you are able to perform all your duties however if you are unhealthy and have a weak body, how can you fulfill your responsibilities and perform duties. Health should never be compromised. One should strictly take care of his/her health and fitness by avoiding junk food and regular exercising for living a healthy and happy life.

After all, we all have only one life and for enjoying it, one needs to be healthy and fit.

Written by Prerna Garg
I am from Khurja, have completed my secondary education and now pursuing B.B.A. from Bulandshahr. I have a special interest in writing.

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