Thursday, 8 September 2016

5 Things about Women that every Men should know

Women- can't live with them, can't live without them. There’s no doubt that trying to figure out what a woman really is, seems a pretty daunting task. A woman is a mystery but her eyes say it all. It’s actually not that hard enough and especially once you get to know the telltale signs. So here are some truths all women really want you to know and accept. Read on and learn.

1. A woman constantly needs to be reassured!

Women don’t care how much you hate it, but if you want to keep her around, tell her how much she means to you. And tell her a lot. Otherwise, she will ask you a lot! Like, annoyingly a lot. She wants you to impress her, pamper her and most importantly Love her!

2. Sometimes all a Woman needs is her Mom!

When she’s sick, she needs her mom to make her a cup of coffee and then tuck her into bed. Or when she’s going through “girl stuff” and its only momma who can truly understand her plight and discomfort, and momma is the only one who can ultimately make it all better.

3. A woman doesn’t need as much PDA as you think

Be it Facebook, Twitter or anything, women doesn’t want to show her love to everyone socially! Most of them would be happy if you just hold their hand while walking through the streets. Showcasing love publicly every time is not what she thinks of every time.

4. Women hate to wait

Whether for a date or whether texts reply, they hate when you keep them waiting! So men should always keep in mind that making a woman wait should be the last thing they should even think of.

5. They want you to indulge with her

She needs you to indulge with her sometimes. Whether that means listening to her pointless gossip, laughing at her silly jokes, cooking with her etc is what makes her happy and contented.

Above all, she just wants to be happy together. It's way much simpler than anything.

Written by Manisha Choraria
A Graduate, Full of enthusiasm. Bollywood freak and full of life. Love writing and aspire to evolve as a good writer.

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