Thursday, 22 September 2016

5 Blogs that will Simplify your Buying Decisions

Most of us depend on online content and reviews when it comes to buying decisions, especially electronic items. We simply Google the best smartphones, laptops or gadgets  under 'x' amount (our budget) and then we go through various publishers articles, and finally, decide which is the one that should be appropriate for us. Recently while doing one such search online, I came across a host of tech-blogs which can further simplify your efforts to take a sound buying decision:

As the name suggests, it lists out the top 10 Phones under the price range of Rs.20,000 on a regular basis. The key differentiator here being, it does not rank the phones or some experts ratings but on the basis of user reviews. The user reviews are from the certified buyers of Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. So, a person can be assured about the  credibility of the reviews.

Another key feature is that it also has designated listicles for phones with respect to specific features like Best Camera phones, Best Gaming phones etc under the price range of 20k. I feel that they should add a number of other feature specific rankings in the near future.

Similarly, if you are looking for a phone in the budget of Rs. 10,000, you can check out Best Phones under 10000

And if you have some other budget figures in your mind like Rs.5000, 8000, 15000 or 30000, then Best Mobile Phones in India can offer you the rankings along with reviews for a wide range of prices. Although there are specific websites for phones under 10k and 20k, I believe that adding those rankings here as well can give the users a frame of comparison within an acute price difference.

Getting rankings and review for mobile phones and laptops are simpler as compared to other gadgets. Now, headphones are an important companion for both the phones and the laptops, but getting to know about the variety of headphones available, their salient features and reviews is a difficult task to do. Best Headphones in India can help you sort out this dilemma, it has a similar ranking and user review format. It also has sub-categories like Best Wireless headphones, Headphones under Rs. 2000, Rs.500 etc. Here too, I feel that the price thresholds can be increased.

For those who are sure that they need an earphone under the price of Rs.1000, can check out Best Earphones under 1000. It also has the sub-sections of  'in-ear' and 'over the ear' headphones and can save you a lot of time and money  picking up your cool new earphones.

Well, the above blogs have made a good beginning by formulating an excellent framework of rankings and reviews for Mobiles and Headphones. Next time when you plan to buy a gadget or simply research, you may like to watch them out.

Written by Rohit Jha

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