Thursday, 25 August 2016

Why You Must Be Political?

Being political, somehow, is a dirty word now. It invariably means lust for power, moral bankruptcy and what not. You are reprimanded as someone having insatiable desire to loot others and make way for yourself. Let us dispel these myths.

Being political, firstly, has nothing to do with few corrupt individuals cashing in the name of politics. As a member of a society claims on legitimate powers are made in political ways only. If as a student you do not want the government to reduce education expenditure; or protest against an injustice; want to redress the fees, course, employment issues you are facing- can you afford not to be political?

Being political implies that you agree with what is right. Of course, there are no universally accepted definitions of what is “good” or “bad”. But is it “right” to deny someone the deserved or perpetually discriminate a community or commit crimes against humanity? Any sensible individual would agree not, broadly. You need to defend the moral values you believe in, not because you want to force someone, but because you think it can improve theirs and your lives.

When you claim to be political you respect the knowledge that you and others have. In any mature community, the worth of every member is respected. As a political creature, you accept the differences in the society and work to engage with them. It is being noted that communities where individuals are not “political”, thus do not engage are often victims of social tensions.

When you compare your life with others, you often realize the privileges that you have had. Also, there are many who are in more favorable positions than you. And these differences are mostly due to gross injustices that have been systematically perpetuated. A good life is inhumanly denied to a large part of our citizenry. Be it food, sanitation, water, health or the “new” issues like rural-urban divide, access to IT, women status among others; all create gross inequalities.

You have a right to protest these issues because these fundamental differences lead to huge variations in the kind of lives lived and spent. Why should someone not experience the beauty and joy of life just because they were born in a place where they fought for food? Why should you be devoid of listening to masterpieces because you cannot afford them? Why cannot you travel around the world for the same reason? Why cannot you savor the critical pieces of literature since you are illiterate? Lastly, why should my life be governed by accident of birth?

Written by Rishya Dharmani
"Life is not a mystery, as they say, rather it is simplicity itself. Unlearn, fail and realize the true joy."

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