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Why is 'Madaari' a must watch movie of the year?

To Indians, Madaari is a frequent term they often come across. A juggler, as it is known in English, acts as the protagonist in the latest movie directed by Nishikant Kamat. Mourning over your loss will get you nowhere. Fighting for answers is the only way to get the closure you’re looking for. Since influential people will not be very accommodating, you have to choose the other, more dangerous way to seek your answers. This is exactly what, Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan Khan), a common man, do in the movie. After losing his son in a tragic man-made disaster, the single father is torn apart and his life shatters. With a broken heart, grieving over Apu’s, his son, death, he plans and kidnaps the son of a powerful minister with the aim of getting answers out of the influential people. He wants to know the culprit and nothing else.

The theme of the movie might have been a part of various other flicks but the emotional quotient and the phenomenal acting of Irrfan Khan and other actors give the movie a totally different light. It appeals to the audience, especially middle-class people. Needless to say, Irrfan Khan steals the show with his mind-blowing acting. Be it an emotional scene, especially the one in the hospital, or other incidents where he has to buckle up and face the cops or other authoritative people, he supersedes all. His dialogue delivery makes the lines even more appealing and one can’t help but admire his performance. Irrfan Khan has surely become an actor who will never disappoint. His recent movies have put him on a higher pedestal and he has earned every bit of it. Be it Piku, Jurassic Park or The Lunch Box, Irrfan has proved over and over that he can fit in any role and bring it to life.

Jimmy Shergill, Uday Tikekar, and Tushar Dalvi are equally impactful and gracefully perform their part. As a cop, Jimmy has done justice to the role and he never seems out of the place.

The tagline of the movie is equally catchy. “Sshhh...Desh So Raha Hai” hits where it hurts the most. The negligence of people is certainly an issue dealt with in the movie and that too in the right way. With zero exaggeration, the movie appeals to the viewers in ways more than one.

On many occasions, audience subconsciously finds itself comparing their situation with that of Nirmal’s. It is a movie full of emotions which are put in the right quantity. It makes it apt for the family audience. The lovely relationship between a father and son is rightly portrayed. This is a relationship which remains unaffected and stands strong. Be it a powerless middle-class family or the powerful one, both have certain relationships they care about. The same is shown in the movie and it underlines the importance of family, a thing Indian audience can definitely relate to. How a father is left with guilt, sorrow and revenge after the tragic death of his son touch the hearts of the viewers.

Nishikant Kamat’s vision and the idea is crystal clear. He has surely done a commendable job as the director. The flashback technique employed by him only makes the story more impactful. The climax of the movie is worth mentioning as well. The message conveyed is accurate and spot on. It has surely earned the position of one of the must watch movies of the year. You will surely walk out of the theatre with teary eyes and a heart full of emotions.

#Madaari is a must watch!

Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a dream to travel the world.

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