Friday, 26 August 2016

Who gets the Throne of the USA ?

Being updated with the politics has never ever fascinated me. Though trying multiple times to get well acquainted with politics, it was all boring and I’m so very sure that I do share this type of attitude with many around. But something has changed dramatically in these past few months and certainly, politics has been too interesting or you can even call too hilarious altogether and now politics excites me a lot, really! Perhaps, it is more derided than it used to be.

And this interesting face of the politics begun when the reign of the President of the United States of America “Mr. Barack Obama” came on the verge of extinction. Suddenly all the followers or opponents of the politics in the entire world have tilted their heads towards the USA to witness the major flip in the White House. One of the most powerful countries which has grown and fully developed in every aspect today is now jamming together to choose their new super power. I know, that’s a huge responsibility altogether. Picking up the one who will either prove out to be a democrat or a despot which will directly affect the present as well as the future of the country and ultimately the world.

The final survivors for this massive position are Mrs. Hilary Clinton, representative of the Democratic party of the United states and on the other side is Mr. Donald Trump, the nominee of the Republican party.

The two are trying head to toe, to prove themselves better than the opponent to the public. All of us are eagerly waiting to see who reaches the end of the race and finally rules the throne of the white house. Even if you are not an avid follower of politics I’m pretty sure that you still are aware of the current dilemma of the USA where people seem to be extremely confused as whom to elect. On one side, we have a lady who has been a part of politics since a while, who was also the first lady during the reign of Bill Clinton and on the other side, we have an extremely strong man Mr. Donald trump, who has managed to influence a lot of crowd in the country already.

Keeping in mind, the USA is an immigrant’s country which sanctions H1B visas in bulk, a country which has a less number of Native Americans over the immigrants, people from various parts of the world have settled here and hence making it a multi-ethnic place. The decision of the new president will affect the life of each and every individual tremendously.

Looking at the current scenario, it’s a bit difficult to judge who will survive at the end but one thing is certain that Trump has got some rigors bad blood against a few communities residing in America which might cause a severe deplore later to the public.

Seeing and scrutinizing the campaigning of both the nominees, it can be clearly seen that Mrs. Clinton is an all-built woman, ready for a showdown taking every step with great caution!She has proved herself time and time again. She has had a political background and is a well-experienced leader. While Trump is a well-established entrepreneur and a highly rich man, he lacks a political background and is a newbie in this race yet an extremely strong man to give a tough face off to Clinton. Though he’s good at catching the sight of the media, hands down, he never fails to target the MUSLIM community exclusively and so gaining hate in a large amount, thus adding brownie points in Clinton’s bag. Another reason for her being a very strong opponent is her treating everyone equally and not criticizing anyone particularly, at least not yet!

With just a few months left for elections but still it is too hard to conclude who might be the successor to the throne of the United States of America! But, if you happen to, believe me, this is the TOUGHEST situation for every American, cause no matter whoever they pick, him or her, none are actually perfect for this massive kind of responsibility.

All I can say now is, ALL THE VERY BEST AMERICA...

Written by Arushi Singh
Professionally an IT Engineer, Amateurly a Writer
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