Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Too Much or Too Less of everything is bad

Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.

- Edna Ferber
The old and the wise say that excess or scarcity of everything is bad, for instance, in India for past few years, there was a scarcity of rains which cause drought in large parts. This year, however, it is raining cats and dogs causing floods in a number of states of India. So, where do we ‘need to heed’ to caution and walk the middle path, sticking to ‘in moderation’.

Let’s first take up food, if we eat too much obesity glares at us but if we eat too less then we end up being skinny. The best path to follow would be to eat ‘in moderation’. To be healthy eat only that amount of food which fills your stomach. Enjoy the food by eating slowly and chewing it properly.

Now coming to water, almost every day the newspapers carry articles extolling the virtues of drinking lots of water. But did anyone tell you that drinking too much of water can be dangerous and fatal? Drinking too much water can damage the kidneys and can cause electrolyte imbalance in the body, which can very quickly cause death. So, drinking only when you are thirsty, and do not avoid water then. Drinking less water can cause dehydration. One of the major problems caused by dehydration is thickening of the blood, which in turn can put a lot of pressure on the heart eventually leading to heart failure.

Some people pop in various vitamins and minerals whenever they feel low without getting a proper diagnosis from a doctor. They are probably not aware that over-dosage of vitamins and minerals can cause toxicity of these compounds. The symptoms of which are very vague and doctors usually fail to detect that and the patient keeps on suffering because of their own fault. So for God’s sake and for your own good please take these supplements only on the prescription of a qualified doctor.

Do you know that too much exercising is also not good? Muscle cramps apart, anyone can collapse due to too much of exercising. I know a lady who exercised in excess and had a brain hemorrhage. She went into a coma and now she has complete loss of memory.

Even too much talking or sleeping or even studying is not good. Talk less listen more, sleep maximum for eight hours and study with frequent breaks, just chill.

Written by Rishya Dharmani
"Life is not a mystery, as they say, rather it is simplicity itself. Unlearn, fail and realize the true joy."

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