Tuesday, 23 August 2016

To The Friend I Didn't Wish Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day was around the corner and so it is expected to wish all the people who have been there for you or maybe not, but because they wished you!

To the friend I didn’t wish,

"To the friend I didn't wish happy friendship day,
I know it's been quite a days,
Yet this was inside me.
It's time of the year we thank all our friends to be there always,
But to my ex-best friend I didn't wish,
Maybe we have clashes today,
Maybe we don't talk now,
But I still wish the best for you. 
I can't thank you enough for the countless times you were there, 
Times we used to prove it with bands and now not even a text,
Somewhere between this only,
We grew up!
We have crossed a generation where phones were not so important, maybe that’s the reason friendship stayed longer!
From choosing the colour of my jelly to my deodorant, 
You have seen it all. 
You still have a place that no one will take,
And well, you are shit and things are over between us, 
Gives me a reason to cherish our memories, 
You were perfect,
Yet we had a fight 
I have your little pinky secrets safe with me always! Well, 
I didn't wish you this time, I don't think I ever will. So let’s just keep the game on! 
But just to let you know,
I want you to be fine."

Happy Ditching Day!

Your ex-best friend

An open letter to the friends who used to be amazing but then left unknowingly!
Life is short, so let’s express everything and you should know how much I loved you at some time. We all have someone, some friend we will miss all our life, maybe tell our children and grandchildren their stories yet we won’t wish them anything for the glorious years that they gave! So dedicate this of you don’t wish to wish them and yet love them enough.

Written by Anjali Gursahaney
An 18 years old philosophy student who is an explorer and believer! An internet savvy, Foodie and a Traveller. Good Vibes and happy days only!

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