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Things that you should know before visiting India

India is a country which changes with every step you take. Be it the language, culture or tradition, everything differs when you travel from one state to another. Being a foreigner, one might encounter numerous problems. So, if you’re planning a trip to India, make sure you are well prepared to save yourself from landing in, rather, dangerous situations.

1. Dress Accordingly

Dressing according to the place you’re travelling to will be best, especially for women. They should pay extra attention to this particular aspect. Being the traditional and culture driven country, western attire is a frowned upon thing in many places, especially temples, and other religious spaces.

If you’re exploring a metropolitan city like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, shorts or any other western attire would not be an issue. But in small cities or remote areas, it is best to cover yourself up.

Also, in places like Rajasthan, it will come in handy because scorching sunlight is not at all good for skin.

2. Neatness

It is not necessary that you would find spotless and germ-free places to visit. Again, if you’re in metropolitan cities, you will find clean restaurants and cleaner hotels. But, you might not be successful in finding those posh things in other cities.

Avoid eating anything from streets. As famous as the street food of India is, it is not necessarily made with utmost cleanliness. If you wish to have your fill of such food, visit any restaurant. A lot of well-known restaurants serve what you call street food and they ensure certain cleanliness standards while preparing it.

Carrying a hand-sanitizer will definitely be a better option.

3. Safety

It goes without saying that looking after your belongings is no one’s but your job. You have to be extra careful while using public transports.

Leaving your important documents like passport in the hotel will not be a smart move. Along with that, you should be careful while opting for private cabs.

Ensure that you’re not off track by keeping the map opened.

4. Bargaining

Hardly anyone goes back to their native land without souvenirs and a bit of shopping. Since language remains a common hurdle for outsiders, they might be cheated into paying a heinous amount if you’re shopping in the local markets.

Therefore, be extra careful while buying clothes and other articles from the market. You might have to brush up your bargaining skills to survive in the alluring markets of India.

5. Packing

You would definitely come across extreme weather conditions during your stay in India.

From snowy mountains in the north region to beaches and plains in the south, you will find yourself in different weather conditions.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to pack as per your itinerary.

Written by Priyanka Chauhan
A bibliophile and an aspiring writer who lives with a  dream to travel the world.

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