Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The simple life of Engineering students

With the growing number of private engineering colleges, the number of engineering students in the recent years has increased rapidly. There were no issues with that as such until I heard one of my relatives talking to someone, saying that the "B.Tech course was the simplest option for anyone who has been a student of science stream at the 10+2 level".

Being an engineering student myself, however, I completely want to clear the doubts of those who think that engineering is simple. Because in reality, it is anything but that. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of trolls on social media, telling you that students in engineering colleges have the fun whole semester, mug up two days before the examinations, throw it on their answer sheets, and remain happy. So here, let me tell you what it is like to be a student of the so-called ‘simplest’ subject.

Right from the First Year, while you are still struggling to try to adjust in your hostel rooms with your new roommates and the super tasty hostel food, they start the term with a load of subjects that you have apparently just studied in your school level examinations. Only, no one will ever tell you that most of the times they expect you to know things about which you have not even heard in your entire lifetime. And to make it a lot more ‘easier’(pun intended) they make you read the subjects from all the different branches, no matter what stream you have chosen. So, basically, they are not asking you to do much. You just need to be good at programming, precise at drawing, fluent in communication, strong enough for manufacturing, and too happy so that you don’t get depressed while reading things that you don’t even want to. To add on that, there are daily lab records, uncountable assignments, and if you are lucky enough (which in this case, you generally are), you also have surprise tests and quizzes all the time.

Then, when you go to your Second Year, they will ask you to work more for the extra-curricular activities, while seeing that you keep performing absolutely well in your academics (because that, of course, is mandatory), because no matter how good you score, only studies are not sufficient. So, then you start running a race, trying to excel and prove your worth, while doing all sorts of activities, some (and most of the times) not realizing why actually are you doing it.

The Third Year is even worse because you are responsible for conducting all sorts of activities within and outside the college. If you wish to go for even higher studies, all you need to do is to slog for extra hours, after your college studies. You have to manage your juniors and then coordinate with your seniors.

The actual pressure then builds up, in the Fourth Year, when you have to face the placements. It's the time when you are about to get the results for all the efforts you have made in all your college life; and it happens to you only if you have been successful enough in passing all the exams, and facing all the hurdles, which are a lot, to say the least.

So, the next time, if this thought crosses your mind, even for once, do remember this. We do a lot of work, and there is no way any of it is simple.

Written by Avinash Srivastava
A Writer of Stories, Loves Novels and Movies

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