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Some of the freedom fighters that made it all possible

Let us all remember some of the freedom fighters that made celebrating Independence Day possible. Without their selfless efforts, India wouldn’t stand where it is standing today.

1. Subhash Chandra Bose

His main aim was the freedom of India and didn’t agree with Gandhi ji on many terms.

He was very well educated and believed that there shouldn’t be any tolerance for racism, casteism, and religious separation. It was on Hitler’s suggestion that he made the Indian National Army.

The slogan he gave,Jai-Hind is still on everyone’s mind.

2. Mahatma Gandhi

The father of the nation gave up everything to make India independent.

He was a man with strong values. He helped reduce poverty, empower women and bring Swaraj- self-rule.

He was also a believer in non-violence and led Quit India Movement, Non-Cooperation Movement among others.

3. Sarojini Naidu

Termed as the Nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu was a social activist and a poet.

She was the first woman to become the Governor of India.

She travelled to different states and conveyed speeches on social welfare and through her poetries; she unrolled the message of independence.

4. Babasaheb Ambedkar

The first law minister of India; he was a very important part of the social revolution.

He formulated the India Constitution and played a remarkable role in influencing modern India.

As a victim of the caste system, he converted to Buddhism and helped other lower caste members to rise above the torture.

5. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a tolerant lawyer from Gujarat who keenly participated in Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India Movement.

He contributed more after India gained independence as well. India was separated into many princely states after the independence.

He made sure that all the domains were eliminated for the benefit of the country as the nation should be under only one government.

6. Annie Besant

Although a British activist, Annie Besant was fighting and campaigning against her own country for launching democracy in India.

She firmly believed in Indian self-rule. During World War I, she formed the Home Rule League that crusaded for freedom in India.

She got involved in Indian Politics and was also elected as the president of the Indian National Congress. She was also a Woman’s Right Activist.

7. Bhagat Singh

Martyr Bhagat Singh was brought up in a patriotic atmosphere and ever since he was young, he dreamt of seeing his country free from the British Rule.

He along with his friends Rajguru and Sukhdev fought many revolutionary wars, revolting against every British Rule that was put up against the civilians and the right of humanity. They were soon arrested and hanged to death. This instead of quieting the masses proved to be a catalyst as it ignited a fire that no one could blow out.

They kept uttering Sar kata sakte hair par sar jhuka sakte nahi which meant We can have our heads chopped but not bowed.

8. Chandra Shekhar Azad

Chandra Shekhar Azad, one of the powerful souls who gave away their lives for the freedom of India.

He first participated in Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement and he later applied the use of arms for the freedom struggle. He established the Hindustan Socialist Republic Association.

He loathed the British Rule so much that he ended his life by shooting himself because he preferred dying with pride than at the hands of the British Police.

Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.

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