Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Proof that sexism still exists

It is pathetic as to how it has to be told to people that sexism still exists. It is not an elephant in the room, oh no not at all, the air, as a matter of fact is polluted by sexist thoughts, inhaled by every single person in the room, making them people who love to bias things that other people do, that other people love, simply based on their gender.

Here is some very obvious proof that sexism still exists:

1. It is very easy to normalize sexism

So what if he passed a creepy comment on how you look and that you felt uncomfortable? There are so many grave issues in the world like the kids starving in Africa!” Many people, who talk about an uncomfortable situation that happened at work or school to their friends, get shushed down because the issue isn’t real enough. Feminists who are in an uproar over the unrealistic standards set for women and men are dismissed as their concerns are too ‘picky’.

2. The evolution of sexism

As far as the society is concerned, misogyny and misandry are far left behind. Newspaper headlines, however, say otherwise. People think sexism is so forgotten that passing a sexist comment or making a sexist joke is harmless (since a tinge of sexism never harmed anyone) (just kidding). Gender roles are stilled applied, colours still have the psychic ability to tell how gay a person is, men aren’t supposed to cry and women can’t be a good mother and a good employee at the same time.

3. “I am not saying I am sexist, but...”

If you want to be accepted by the smart future generations, when someone says you have offended them, you should accept it instead of trying to explain yourself. In an era where we think everyone takes offence to very little things, we forget that we are being equally offensive. If you offend someone, listen to them. Analyze how you offended someone and don’t do it again. No one should spend their time convincing people that sexism still exists.

4. Successful women are heartless creatures

Whilst movies and T.V shows have successfully made us laugh, they have also portrayed, justified and stood by the most common stereotype: women who have reached the top are heartless and incapable of loving someone. They are regarded as cold and unlikable. Their domination is exaggerated and they are often disliked because their personality is opposed by the original caring and soft personality of a woman.

5. “You got 95%? Wow, I didn’t know pretty people can be smart too”

Fortune, according to Rosalind in ‘As You Like It’ by Shakespeare, had distributed her gifts unequally, for those who were smart weren’t pretty and those who were pretty weren’t smart. She had forgotten that she and her sister, Celia were both pretty and smart as they had survived for a long time in a jungle without anybody’s help. Looks and intelligence aren’t inversely proportional. If you have studied enough, you’d know that they are both independent factors and that beauty will always lie in the eye of the beholder.

6. Crimes

I mean, at this point, newspapers have become a crime directory, most of them being heinous acts of rape, violence, dowry deaths and honour killings. Women who are victims of such crimes are not honorable enough for the society and men who are victims aren’t man enough to be accepted by the society.

Written by Durva Bhatt
A bibliophile who is fuelled entirely by caffeine, sarcasm, fandoms and random thoughts.

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