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One Tip That Will Positively Transform Your Photography

Photography is becoming an increasingly popular and easily accessible craft these days. With such accessibility comes the possibility of monotony. If you have heard of Writer's Block, you will be amazed to know that such a thing as Photographer's Block also exists. Such a term only comes into existence when there appears to be a need for it.

Unsurprisingly, with the increasing number of photography enthusiasts out there, this unwelcome symptom often manifests itself among photographers who lie on the thin line between hobbyists and professionals. It is they who are persevering towards clinching a name for themselves. It is they who are on the lookout for their own special style of photography. After all, it is they who wish to finally come out of their cocoon and spread their wings. Often, though, most of us are forever left hanging on the edge of that boundary; neither here nor there.

What should one do, then?

A number of photographers claim that discussing their photography with others has helped them evolve in their art immensely. So what if you are the first among your acquaintances to have entered the world of professional photography? Discussing your photography with others does not mean having to book an appointment with the most successful photographer in town and exchange ideas over tea. No. Rather than plague yourself with such flawed reasoning, you should look around and realize that it is that which surrounds you which will prove to be most beneficial.

Have you ever considered sitting down with your mother and showing her the most recent photographs you have captured? What about your colleague at work? Do you think he might be interested in discussing your photography? Because when you think about it, the majority of your audience will be ordinary amateurs who know not a thing about the technical aspects of photography but who will be easily able to tell apart a good photo from a relatively bad one. What makes them so well-equipped, you ask? After all, it is you who have labored this long to come far in the profession. You should know what makes a good photograph. Then, why go ask people who have no idea about the world behind the lens?

Precisely because they don't.

When your mother does not know what is considered good composition, she is sure to portray her views in an unbiased manner. She does not have any preconceived notions about composition and its techniques such as the Rule of Thirds. If that photograph of the bird captured right in the center of the photograph appears appealing to her, she won't disregard it because it "doesn't follow the rule." She will undoubtedly let you know exactly why the photo caught her attention. By discussing your photography with those close to you, you can be assured of receiving an honest opinion about your work. They will be the ones to figure out what makes your photography different from the rest. That unique style of photography you wish you also had? Reviewing your photos with those around you may ultimately reveal your hidden photography style.

Who knows? Soon, your photography may be a brand in itself.

Written by Priyanshi Sheth
"Namaste!" from a creative, Indian soul who aims to keep herself motivated as she writes, travels, photographs, and thereby, shares her knowledge.

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