Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Let's encourage the Indian Sportsmen for a better future

India is living its days of pride as two stunning women won a medal in their respective games this Olympics.  Sakshi Malik became the first one to get the medal in Rio Olympics Games 2016. She gifted the nation a reason to celebrate by proving herself by performing extremely courageously in the Olympics. She said her dream to win this medal took 12 years of hard work. But we as the audience got to know about her only after she won the bronze. P.V. Sindhu united the nation to watch a game which is not cricket and that itself was her first step to victory. She scripted history when became the first Indian women to win an Olympic silver medal. With the remarkable performance, she bagged the silver medal which is not less than a gold medal for us. But did we know that before this, she has won the bronze medal twice in World Badminton Championship?

Today, every corner of the country is proud and is talking about them. Many authorities and celebrities are willing to provide them with various offers. But the question here is, why all the offers, praise and support is showered only after when they proved themselves?  Prior the Olympics, they were nowhere under the limelight. Why is that we only pay attention and focus on someone only after they achieve the position?

After winning the bronze medal, the proud scenario where Sakshi said to the media that her dream of winning the medal took 12 years. She proudly stated that finally the hard work and efforts of all these years had paid off.  Why don't we encourage the one who struggles? For once, just think that what if these ladies did not win the medals? Would the citizens, yet recognize their efforts? Why is it that only the authorities, states encourage them and we the audience do not? Like Sakshi and Sindhu, there must be many sportsmen.  If the media decides to give the spotlight to the talents of tomorrow, it can not only encourage the players but also help the citizen to be aware.

Just think for once, how tremendous change it would make if we as the people of the country were updated with the struggle, hard work, challenges and efforts the sportsmen who are planning to represent our country is going through? Isn't it our job to be concerned about the nation's sports future as a citizen? It would also engage our interest and increase our knowledge in the various sports games.

And as the players, they will feel more connected as we are updated in every challenged they have faced. From the selection in the basic category of being selected for representing the country. Rather  be cheering them only at their final performance, won't it be better to be their supporter?

The day the struggling sportsmen are encouraged and when media showcase their efforts and hard work, the future of sports in India will change.

Written by Radhika Shah
Living in the city of dreams to paint words.

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