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How has the E-Governance in Uttar Pradesh set a benchmark for other states?

Everyone talks of E-Governance (electronic governance) these days, but do you know how E-Governance can be implemented successfully in any sector? E-Governance is a process in which the information and communication technology is applied so as to deliver the government services successfully. In order to deliver services like G2C (government-to-customer), G2B (government-to-business) and G2G (government-to-government), the implementation of e-governance in the society is very helpful. With the help of E-Governance, the services can be made available in a very fast, efficient and convenient manner. This is what the government of Uttar Pradesh under the guidance of Hon. Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav has achieved. The E-Governance implementation in Uttar Pradesh is a role model for all the other states. Recently Uttar Pradesh has been honoured with a special award for the excellent work done in the area of E-Governance. It is because of the commendable efforts of UP CM Akhilesh Yadav that Uttar Pradesh has reached this position.

UP CM Akhilesh Yadav has implemented the PPP (public private partnership) model in various sectors of the economy. Due to this implementation, many loopholes have been wiped out and positive results have been achieved. It is because of the efforts of the UP government that has made Uttar Pradesh one of the leading hubs for IT-ITES industries that include the electronics, BPO, and software sectors. The government has planned on further to computerize and digitize all the working departments and launch different e-schemes. The technological advancement will gradually be seen in all the sectors leading to the digitized age. In order to create a high-tech society and generate a high quality of life, it is the information technology that is being used as a means to achieve economic development.

The E-Governance implementation in Uttar Pradesh has set a benchmark for other states in India. The improvement that Uttar Pradesh has witnessed through the E-Governance initiatives is worth mentioning. The quality of governance has improved; a fully automated system has been developed to generate e-governance. UP CM Akhilesh Yadav is leaving no stone unturned to bring in the best governance policies. Also, E-Scholarships have been introduced in which the scholarship amount is directly sent to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. This is one of the major steps among all that the UP government has undertaken to introduce E-Governance.

Many schemes and projects have been initialized to bring in E-Governance as well as to create awareness among people so that people know about the strengths of E-Governance and digitization. It is due to the digital initiatives that have made Uttar Pradesh achieve E-Governance efficiently. There are many instances that prove the successful implementation of  E-Governance system in the state.
  • The Jansunwai portal or the Grievance Redress portal where online grievances and complaints are lodged. It is one of the most effective and helpful measures that the state has initiated for its citizens. The online link for this is where people can register their complaints.
  • A job portal has been initiated by the government that deals with the registration of the job seekers and provides them information related to the recruitment details and job openings in the state.  It is known by the name Sewayojan Employment Portal (
  • A mobile application known as Shakti 1090 Mobile App has been launched that deals with the law and order related to the empowerment of women. The 1090-women power line helps girls and women register complaints against any kind of violence. With the help of this power line, a platform for the women has been established so as to deal with their problems.
    Download the app from Google Playstore- click here
  • UP CM has also launched a mobile and web-based application UPP Lost Report App where people can report the loss of  Mobile phones, Passport, Aadhar card, Driving licence, Debit and Credit Cards etc without visiting the police station and also get a digitally acknowledged report of the same. People can also verify the authenticity of the report by visiting the online portal
    Download the app from Google Playstore- click here
  • One of the most effective E-Governance related projects is E-District ( where a computerized platform has been developed for all the people-centric services. It has been implemented in all the 75 districts of the state.
  • There are also other initiatives related to E-Governance like web portal- UP news 360, laptop distribution, free Wi-Fi zones, mSehat, My Missing Baby etc. These can be found at
  •  The Uttar Pradesh police are now even active on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. They have made optimal use of these platforms to resolve citizens issues and concerns.
  • The UP CM Akhilesh Yadav believes that with digital initiatives for rural areas we can achieve the total development of Uttar Pradesh and thus Akhilesh Yadav came with smart villages under I-Sparsh policy which aims to provide a host of services to the rural population of Uttar Pradesh, speedily and at their doorsteps.
  • The digital initiatives for rural areas incorporate linking up of 16,000 fully computerized Jan Suvidha Kendra (JSK) in villages across the state. These will act as central data centers holding digitized government records so that any document or certificate needed by the villagers will be available to them in no time. These documents mostly relate to land records, caste certificates, tax details, domicile certificates, income certificates, death and birth certificates, etc.
  • Sugarcane Information System (SIS) which is the largest rural information technology platform in our country for sugarcane farmers,received a Gold Award in the 15th National Conference on E-Governance(2011-2012) for the citizen-centric service delivery category.
  • UP State Wide Area Network (UP_SWAN) is one of the largest infrastructure projects where 885 nodes have been established for connecting the blocks, tehsils and districts to the state capital, this has improved the voice, data and connectivity facilitating delivery of better services to the citizens.
  • The State Data Centre is another massive technology infrastructure project, which acts as a reservoir for data and information services. Since it's go-live in August 2012, applications of Commercial Tax Department, eScholarship and Education department have been deployed on this and more than 5.14 crore transactions have been successfully completed.

eService Delivery acts as a single point of access for the citizens to avail the government services through the online portal Some of the services are as mentioned below:
  • Lokvani - Includes the management  of Birth and Death certificates, Income certificates, Land records and Job opportunities under a single window.
  • E-Suvidha - Aims to connect the citizens and the government departments.
  • E-Seva - Includes the residential certificates and the redressal of grievances.Regional Passport office, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Transport, Medical, Health  and tourism departments are covered under this.
  • Koshvani - Maintains the financial transactions of the state and enabling more transparency into government transactions.
  • Srishti - Enables to fetch information location wise, respective to the blocks,talukas, districts,divisions in graphical format and drive better strategic decisions for development maintaining regional balance.
  • Bhulekh - Maintains the record of all the information related to lands, both for the business purposes and agriculture. The online portal provides the relevant details of the buyers and sellers of the respective lands.                                  
It is due to the exceptional work performance in the field of E-Governance that Uttar Pradesh received an award for this. A Digital India Conference had been organized in Mumbai on 8th & 9th June where Mr. Rajendra Kumar Tiwari, Principal Secretary of IT and Electronics, Uttar Pradesh received an award for effective implementation of E-Governance within the state. This kind of acknowledgement by the Central government motivates and encourages the state government to do even better and bring in economic development and growth. Thus we find that the efforts of UP government have been proved to be fruitful and will empower the state in the years to come.

Written by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow.

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