Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fashion: The Layering Game

We all know what cherry does when it is placed on the top of a strawberry cake. Well, that is exactly what layering does to an  outfit. Layering that plain mint top gives a completely different look as it acts as a finishing edge.

You will witness this trend on each and every next street and yet not get bored of it. And moreover, this trend is something which can be used for all the types of clothing range, from an Indian outfit or a western one; it is applicable for all of them. Layering includes a wide range of clothes like jackets, shrugs, coats, blazers, capes, and shirts as well.  These clothes, add all-together a completely different charisma to one’s outfit.

If you are living with the pre-conceived notion that one can only layer-up during winters then let’s take a moment to clear that. One can layer it without being concerned about the seasons because layering is suitable for all the seasons if you pick the right clothes. Like wearing coats for the rain showers in monsoon, jackets/leather coats for the cold breeze of winters and shrugs/capes for beating the summer heats.

The recent invention of capes has made everyone go all gaga over it. And, thanks to the style icons like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone for sporting this trend now and then and also draping their shoulders with cape even on Indian attire. From Cannes to promotional events, Sonam has surely made a style statement by layering her outfits.

And Deepika is a serious inspiration for how to rock those airport looks and win hearts. From Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani to Tamasha, she has layered her outfits in most of the films.  As these women rock these looks and inspire, on the other hand, Kate Middleton is surely inspiring for styling coats and jackets effortlessly wherever spotted. Also, layering an outfit has made its presence felt in at the fashion week runways as well.

This trend is seriously adopted by the celebrity stylists who styled it in films like Cocktail, NH10, TFIOS and many other.

It is amazing to see how layering makes a lot of difference and gives versatile looks to a dull outfit. For instance, wear a plain t-shirt with a pair of denim and suitable foot wears and later, let a knee length cape or a jacket accompany your outfit and witness the difference. It will manage to grab the attention of the people by adding just one piece of clothing.

A call from a friend for an outing or an important meeting, layer your outfit with a shrug for the outfit and pairing a blazer with your formal shirt to crack the deal. Running out of time and yet want to look presentable? (Well, who does not want to look good?), then all you have to do is wear something basic, pick-up a jacket or a coat (as per the occasion) and you are ready with the most effortless effort to look presentable.

Willing to look different for the cousins wedding, then all you got to do is pick-up an embroidered cape of the matching colored gown or saree and you will stand out.

Layering does wonders of magic. A few years back, though layering had lost its charm, and ‘less is more’ was under the spotlight, it did not fade completely. And now, it is back with a bang to rule the streets.

Layering has found its place to dwell in the fashion world and it is surely here to stay.

Written by Radhika Shah
Living in the city of dreams to paint words.

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