Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Crisis of “MODERN LIVES”

I cannot help but imagine the lives of those who waste their college lives in mindless chatter and incessant giggling with nothing to gain. My college years are bliss; not because I hang out with my friends every weekend or bow down to peer pressure to get silly outfits or skip important lectures to have “fun”. There are people waiting to label me as a nerd. I am happy with these classifications if my life does not fit into the categories they made!

I read, apart from boring course materials, some very soul-stirring books. I participate in social service while working in an NGO. I am active academically and the last one-year has been earth shattering for that matter. When my classmates were busy acting likenormal college people, I found the world hitherto unknown. I underwent a complete metamorphosis spiritually, socially and politically. Now I don’t carry those stereotypes and try fitting in normative models of an ideal life.

It does not mean that I ignore my social life. Well, yes I too hang out few times. But there was always a realization that this is not the permanent state of affairs. I also bunk classes (who doesn’t?) But all this was not because my friends were doing it. Simply because I wanted to.

That is what is responsible for the profound spiritual crisis of our age. We ignore our own selves to strive for something out there laid there by someone else. I remember an anecdote. One of these days, a philosophical debate was on full steam in my class when a classmate asked, “What is the purpose of life?

We all spelled out the usual dose. Strangely, our professor became unusually quiet this time and listened to us. No one was satisfied with no one’s answer, of course. And then she said that, "you all are manufacturing answers as if you all have same lives to live". As if once there was a great philosopher who spelled out golden words as your commandments. We are actually afraid of our brains, that if for once we think, we will realize that there is no purpose. If your life’s design was premeditated than what is the reason to live? You live not to accept others’ will but to create and respect your own; for you have your own existence and consciousness.

Written by Rishya Dharmani
"Life is not a mystery, as they say, rather it is simplicity itself. Unlearn, fail and realize the true joy."

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