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9 reasons to watch The Big Bang Theory

In spite of the fact that it has turned out to be to some degree a style to scrutinize standard things and the same is likewise genuine for The Big Bang Theory, we should not overlook that it is called “mainstream” for reasons. You have to agree…. they were given an unlikable subject and they transformed it into something hilariously appreciable.

On the off chance that despite everything you haven’t seen the show (and you better have a decent reason for that), here are nine of the most convincing reasons I considered for you to watch The Big Bang Theory.

1. Doctor Sheldon Cooper, Bazinga!

Doctor Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical physicist and the King of Nerds, is the favorite character for most viewers. His character is considered to be one of the key reasons for the maintained achievement of the show, which is well into its seventh season.

Sheldon finds it troubling to keep up with social codes of conduct. He’s also hysterically horrible at understanding sarcasm and humor although unintentionally, he makes use of these social norms rather often. A classic was season four’s episode the 21 second excitation when Sheldon continued demanding that the other guys get ready to watch the Indiana Jones movie with an additional footage of 21 seconds and Howard one of the main characters, sarcastically said, “You know, if we miss it, we’ll have the fun of listening to Sheldon whine about it for the rest of our lives.
And, Sheldon, completely missing the sarcasm as usual, innocently replied, “See? Howard’s on my side.

Another thing that makes Sheldon’s performance enjoyable is his firm disbelief in irrational practices while despite everything he does things that are to some degree superstitious. For instance, the ‘Sheldon spot’ on the couch which he doesn’t allow any other person to sit on because as he says, “this seat is ideally located both in relation to the heat source in the winter and a cross breeze in the summer. It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct so it would not discourage conversations nor at an angle that would cause a parallax distortion.

And of course, who can forget his knocking thrice on somebody’s door while calling out his or her name?

The audience realized the extent of this particular superstition when penny – his neighbor - opened the door after the second knock in one episode. This made Sheldon so uncomfortable that he knocked on the frame of the open door saying “Penny” in a moderately low voice – just to complete his ‘count of three’.

2. Leonard’s experiments and his surprising love life

Doctor Leonard Hofstadter is an experimental physicist and Sheldon’s roommate. He has had a difficult childhood since his mother was an unaffectionate, distanced parent who preferred to break down Leonard’s behavior – being a psychiatrist and neuroscientist – then nurture him.

His expertise lies in the area of Applied Physics. He’s shown executing various scientific experiments using state-of-the-art equipment in the laboratory. One of my most-loved moments from the show is the point at which he shows Penny, who also happens to be his girlfriend (by some weird twist of fate since she is an attractive, popular girl while he is a certified geek) some of the most recent experiments in physics including the Holographic Principle using a laser in the lab.

3. Howard Joe Wolowitz - the only non-PhD

Howard – the third member of the foursome – has somewhat of an unpleasant relationship with his ‘never-seen’ but ‘always audible’ mother. His relationship with his mother is so intensely disturbing that in one episode when Sheldon asked him to do something nice so that he would go to Jewish heaven, Howard replied, “Have you met my mom? I live in Jewish hell!

His favorite dream is that he’s a ladies' man. He is also the only member of the geek gang who does not have a doctorate degree and henceforth, he often has to face mockery over his incompetence in this regard, especially from Sheldon, who leaves no stone unturned in ridiculing him.

In spite of the fact that he doesn’t have a Ph.D., he is an aerospace engineer and has had the rare opportunity to visit the International Space Station. Howard also imitates Stephen Hawking’s robotic voice accurately, sending the audience into fits of laughter throughout the series.

4. Rajesh Koothrappali’s selective mutism

Koothrappali can’t talk to women without being tipsy. To counter that, each time he has something to say to a lady, he whispers in Howard’s ear, this gives many people the impression that the two are involved in a gay relationship – this offends both Koothrappali and Wolowitz.

The way Raj’s parents interrogate him with regarding the dubious nature of their relationship is also quite entertaining.

His trademark Indian accent and his inability to understand the American lifestyle also add to the show’s humor.

5. A Penny for your thought?

Penny is Sheldon and Leonard’s cute, bubbly neighbor and Leonard has had the hots for her since the day she moved in. She plays an unsuccessful actress who is stuck being a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory while pursuing her dream of becoming wildly successful in Hollywood.

Her adorable looks and amusing dialogue delivery keep viewers hooked, particularly her love-hate relationship with Sheldon.

6. Learning with fun

The inspiration for the show came from two real-life geeky computer programmers. However, instead of being constrained to computer jargon and concepts only. The Big Bang Theory includes natural sciences, especially physics. This allowed the producers to incorporate subjects about literally the entire universe including biology, cosmology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, history, geography, linguistics and other topics of general knowledge.

Even the title soundtrack which begins with Our Whole Universe was in a hot dense state… says a lot in regards to the show’s content.

The show is a great source of knowledge, information and even inspiration for people of all age groups; and that too in a fun way.
Before this show; I didn’t think physics could be fun either.

7. Something for everybody

Although a show of geeks, The Big Bang Theory is not specifically for geeks and can be enjoyed by people from all backgrounds and with varied interests, making it as of now one of the most popular shows on-air. There is an electric diversity of jokes from scientific jokes to mainstream jokes. Add to this the expressions and dialogue deliveries of all the characters and I can guarantee an evening of endless laughter.

8. Calling every single comic fan

There’s even something for comic and gaming fans on The Big Bang Theory. All four nerds – Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj – are fond of comic books, movies, characters, and games. There are extensive references to the comic world, especially superheroes like Batman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Spock, Yoda, the Flash and others.

The characters are also shown to be obsessed with sci-fi movies, particularly Star Trek and Star Wars.

The characters are die-hard gamers also and Wednesday night is Halo night –always. Most of the games they play are based on comic characters.

9. In fact sound script

The Big Bang Theory is not just another geeky comedy show. The effort put in the content, characters, and the script is apparent and it is this splendid combination that makes the show such a success. The dialogues that are written for Sheldon specifically deserve a standing ovation – also his superb, deadpan delivery of those dialogues.

The detailing that has gone into the show can be gauged by the fact that it has an official science advisor – David Saltzberg from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – who reviews the script for technicalities and makes any corrections necessary before the recording.
The ingeniously penned script is one of the key reasons I watch the show and the writers’ technique and efforts are worth praising.

All in all, after a long day I look forward to crashing on the couch and watching my four geeky friends and their hilarious shenanigans. I can think of no better way to unwind. All you really need to enjoy is this shows sense of humor; watch it (if you still haven't) and I'm sure you will agree!

Written by Sukanya Roy
Artist, Critic, Writer, Photographer, Movie buff, Graphic Designer, Literature and Geography enthusiast, Soccer fan, and Imaginative.

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