Wednesday, 24 August 2016

7 Times you unknowingly Stereotyped your Playlists

In a World where people have a stereotypical attitude towards almost everything, let us see how even our favorite song playlists aren't spared:

1. THE ‘In Love’ list.

This one must have artists like Ed Sheeran, Drake, Taylor Swift, One Direction and Justin Bieber and so on and so forth on it. If you’re in love and are looking to play some tracks this playlist is perfect for you. Honestly, if you are YouTube-ing music every day, you cannot overlook these artists. Having said that, this stereotype isn’t too bad. More than the emotional justification, understand that this list has more catchy tracks than any other. You can’t even fully deny that!

Tracks that are usually on this playlist: Blank Space, Photograph, Sorry, Wildest Dreams, etc.

2. THE ‘Mosh Pit’ list. 

Supposedly, not everyone can listen to the tracks on this one. That’s not entirely true. For you to make a playlist like this one requires some searching and listening, i.e. albums after albums and artists after artists.  But you really don’t have to be angry, or screaming, or head banging when you play something from this list.

Artists you cannot miss out on: Megadeth, Metallica, Pantera, Led Zeppelin and so on and so forth. 

3. THE ‘Cry-Baby’ list. 

Down to honest confessions, this one is my favorite among all the playlists. If you have been an ardent listener of music for some years now, you must have figured out that this is that one playlist that does not need you to do or feel anything when the tracks are on. Granted that the tracks from this one evoke some hard on emotions but you don’t have to necessarily shed tears. Sometimes it is enough for you to just close your eyes and enjoy the tracks.

Artist you can count on: Coldplay, Paloma Faith, Lana Del Rey, Jake Bugg and so on and so forth.

5. THE ‘Post Break-Up’ list.

This one I really dislike. One of the worst things people can ever tell you is the kind of songs you must listen to because you just went through a break-up. The clear assumption that one might be morose after a break-up cannot determine what pleases your ears. You might be sad, you might be happy, you might even be angry but trust me you will not be able to deal with the regret of listening to the wrong track during these crucial times.

Artists to look out for: Frank Sinatra, Eminem (WHY after a break-up? EMINEM is for all times.), Lady Antebellum, Roxette, ABBA, Bonnie Tyler, Adele and so on and so forth.

6. THE ‘Chill’ list.

Basically for those who like to ‘chill’ a little too often. However, the whole idea and act of listening to music should be enough to let one ‘chill’. Why the advent of a new cluster of tracks of the similar kind given such a tag? Either it’s a radio edit of the song or just another really catchy track from the EDM genre. However, this stereotyped playlist isn’t half as bad as the others when it comes to the structure and the beat of the tracks.

Artists chillin’ at the top of the list: Diplo, DJ Sakin and friends, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Skrillex and so on and so forth.


Hands down the most legit and perfectly stereotyped playlist one can ever have. The Sole example of the fact that stereotypes aren’t always bad. This list will probably overflow with so many artists because of the sheer respect you have for the quality of music people used to produce at one point of time. If anything, the nostalgia quotient is too high with this playlist. Open YouTube and you’ll discover the best acoustic/non-acoustic covers of your favorite tracks. Any day, anywhere – this is your ‘go to’ playlist.

Always #throwingback to these artists: Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Santana, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, The Carpenters and so many more that only deserve as much attention as the ones already mentioned.

Stereotypical Playlist is a common phenomenon, so common that we don’t even realize it half the time. But don’t let it pose as an obstacle when it comes to opening up to more music, both new and old.

Hear them all, judge and classify some !!!

Written by Smita Ganguli
Aspiring cyber journalist but too damn opinionated.

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