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5 Books which are a Treat for Readers

If you are someone who loves reading, believe me, that this one is for you. Over the time, you might have come across different books, which might have affected your life in one way or the other. However, if you think that it has been time that you came across something great, here is a collection that you should probably think about.

1. Looking for Alaska (By John Green )

We all know the Author for his epic romance, ‘The Faults in our Star’. If you particularly love this book, there is no way you should miss out on Looking For Alaska. The well-developed plot has an idea that will not only touch your heart but your soul as well.

The story is about shy an introvert fellow, Mikes Halter , and his friend, Alaska Young, who is his exact opposite ,to say the least. As the story progresses, they experiment with different forms of their relationship, which comes to an unexpected end towards the climax, making it altogether more heart touching.

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (By Stephen Chbosky)

Probably some of us might know about this book due to the successfully adapted 2012 movie with the same name, the story appears far too convincing on the pages.

As the writer unfolds the story of a generally unpopular teenager called Charlie, through letters written to an anonymous reader, we get to know about the different aspects of growing up while being a social outcast. The plot opens up about themes such as love, friendship and adolescence and the ending is nothing that you can think of , through the whole book, to say the least.

3. Arms and the Man (By George Bernard Shaw)

A social drama written by a genius, the book has been included here, as it happens to be my personal favorite. Although the story dates back to 1885, it is something that one can definitely relate to.

Discussing the interwoven concepts of love and war, you need to give it a read because of its impressive narration and a different plot.The characters have been developed beautifully, and you are sure to fall in love with them. With a wide range of ideas included, you are sure to fall in love with the greatness of this work.

4. The Unexpected Guest (By Agatha Christie)

No one will believe you if you tell them that you love reading but have not read her books before. But if that is the case, this is the one you need to work on, immediately. Known for her mystery stories, this book is another classic from the famous writer. 

The way the entire series of events have been constructed, the beginning and the end, everything falls in the perfect place. Once you pick it up, you will remain glued to it, and what happens towards the end, well that remains a mystery.

5. The Shining (By Stephen King)

If you are particularly fond of the horror genre, it would be a surprise had you not read the book still. Based on the life of an aspiring writer Jack Torrance, his wife and son Danny,( who possesses special psychic abilities),the story keeps you gripped till the end. 

The supernatural elements, the twists and turns in the plot, and the horrifying end is bound to scare you, in the most unnatural way. That probably is the reason why it is known to be the biggest horror story till date.

Written by Avinash Srivastava
A Writer of Stories, Loves Novels and Movies

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