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3 Valuable Traits That Exhibit Good Character

Character constitutes a person's mental and moral qualities; those which set them apart from others. What makes one person a "crowd-pleaser" and the other a "crowd-repeller"? In other words, why are some people so easy to like? We come across thousands of people during our course of life. Yet, only some catch our fancy. What makes these people different? Often, it's not plain charisma that is the key. Something a lot more profound plays a role because of which they leave such a lasting impression - good character.

Experience has taught us that good character arises as a result of the following top three traits:

1. Humility

If there is one thing that acts as an obstruction in everyone's lives, it is ego. Ego is said to be the root of all misery. It is ego that obstructs a person from helping others. It is ego which makes him value himself more than his relations with others. It is ego that tells him to put himself first. The person who is humble, on the other hand, is the one who will be the first to capture hearts. Humility, if genuine, can be discerned by all. No wonder why spiritual leaders such as H.H. Pramukh Swami Maharaj, H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama, etc. who in spite of having influenced innumerable lives, have always remained humble. Further, celebrities such as Bill Gates and more recently, Jennifer Lawrence have proved that one can remain humble in spite of achieving fame and money.

2. Courtesy

The most revered of individuals are the ones who show kindness and understanding. Take Mother Teresa, for example, who touched countless lives through her work. It is worth noticing that such people never exhibit anger. They are epitomes of perpetual benevolence. H.H. Yogiji Maharaj of the BAPS sect was an embodiment of love. Teenage boys traveling with him during his spiritual endeavors used to say of Yogi Bapa that he showered affection that surpassed motherly love. Such courtesy and care is a reminder that anger should find no place in our lives. Why be the cause of our own destruction?

3. Patience

Today's fast paced world one wake up early in the morning, toil all day long, and then come home at night only to go to sleep and have the cycle repeat all over again. With each day being an express ride, we rarely have the patience to deal with the nitty-gritty's of routine life. All the same, it is during tough times when people are expected to lose patience that the crowd-pullers remain calm and composed. Yes, they value their time, but they also understand that what is theirs will not pass them by and all things will come to them at the right moment. The Bible also advocates stories of patience.

Practice humility, courtesy, and patience and you will see how your world transforms for the better right before your eyes. Forget how long it takes to form a new habit. Start today and you won't feel the need to look back. The world needs more people who demonstrate good character. Let us all strive to be one of those persons.

Written by Priyanshi Sheth
"Namaste!" from a creative, Indian soul who aims to keep herself motivated as she writes, travels, photographs, and thereby, shares her knowledge.

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