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3 Free Travel Apps You Need to Have

More often than not, the thought of the many mobile applications available to serve identical purposes terrifies the majority of smartphone users. Whether it is health and fitness apps, photo-editing apps, or travel apps that we are looking for, we are all plagued by the question, "Which among these should I download?" at least once.

Traveling is one such example where we require the help of technology. Considering the plethora of smartphone applications available today, let us take a look at a few free must-have travel apps, available for both Android and iOS platforms, for those wanderers whose imminent future holds a much-awaited adventure:

1. Triposo

Triposo, an online travel guide, is a free all-in-one mobile application for travelers. Whether you are looking for a travel guide for a World Tour or for a specific city such as Paris, be assured that Triposo will deliver! What's more is that the app works offline and offers facilities such as maps (yes, they are available offline), booking for accommodation and transportation, and tips from fellow travelers. This is one app definitely worth downloading before you embark on your next trip! Here are some reasons that Triposo provides to justify why you should download their application (click here to know)

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2. Google Maps

Although Triposo offers offline maps whereas Google Maps requires an internet connection, it is a free application that offers various other facilities such as being able to plan your own map route. You wish to travel from Frankfurt to Paris to Bern? No problem! Use Google Maps to calculate the fastest route possible, the time it will take, and if there are any public transportation options available en route. You can also create your own custom map using the website version of the app. Isn't that something?

3. Linguee

If you are traveling to a foreign land and are a stranger to the language spoken by the locals there, you will be delighted to know that Linguee is a free dictionary application that provides offline dictionaries-cum-translators for French, German, Spanish, etc. It currently also has several other dictionaries under construction and/or in their initial phase for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and others. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to have an internet connection, the app will reward you with innumerable instances and ways in which that a certain word or phrase can be used or interpreted, by searching for such examples in its vast database. By far, this is the one feature which differentiates Linguee from other dictionary or translator apps and makes it a joy to use! It is worth checking out even if merely to hone one's language skills.

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Discovering Triposo and Linguee while researching for a family trip abroad was well worth the effort! They made the task of planning a trip so much easier. Meanwhile, though Google Maps was already a well-known app, the facilities that it provided were quite user-friendly and one would not think of resorting to any other application for the same task. If you are someone who is a frequent traveler, going on their first trip abroad, or planning a quick getaway, the above-mentioned three apps are must-haves! Be sure to check them out!

Written by Priyanshi Sheth
"Namaste!" from a creative, Indian soul who aims to keep herself motivated as she writes, travels, photographs, and thereby, shares her knowledge.

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