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10 Things people need to learn in their 20s

Life can get pretty messy, there’s learning from everything at any instance of time, and 20s is one such learning stage because there’s this rapid transition which happens every now and then. We have all had days (and maybe even years) when life just doesn't seem to be going our way! It’s the reality you should know and face it.

Here are 10 things everyone in their 20s needs to know:

#1. Stay away from false-praises and blamers

Because they are the ones who bring you the negativity thus you will be taken aback in your life. Avoid them. Seriously. No matter what name you call them by, or how you know them, these kinds of people always suck the life right out of you.

They kill your confidence with a single remark, twist your good news into bad news in seconds, make a happy, healthy person depressed, and they generally just make life miserable.

It’s nearly impossible to experience joy in their presence, and their bad mood and biting remarks always seem to spread. Avoid them like a plague, because life is too short to put up with people like these.

#2. Failure is an opportunity

You will fail a lot, let it be personal life or career, you will fail and fail and fail.

But, you have to learn that failure is not the end as no great man or woman ever achieved significance without great failures to learn from.

#3. Comparisons are odious, you need to stop them right away

Comparing yourself with your peers is not at all productive and thus it leads to unpleasant consequences because the comparison is the thief of your joy.

Don’t bother comparing yourself to others—this only leads to heartbreak, anger, and disappointment.

#4. Leaving your hobby is something you will miss out much later in life

Find a passion. Pick a hobby, own it: photography, juggling—whatever. Get your 10K hours of perfect practice in early and change your life. I would say that having hobbies is, to have an activity which can make you be concentrated out of the world for a moment. Having a hobby is to satisfy your immaterial needs. To be satisfied on what it makes you dream, be the one, enjoy and to live out of the other’s attention.

#5. You may lose your friends

Having 3-4 great buddies is far better than having 500+ friends on Facebook.

Your BFFs would be people who (may) call you on your birthdays that too if Facebook notified them. As you progress through your 20s, you just won’t have as many friends as you used to.

Your friends’ interests may change.

#6. Not listening to what your parents say

Ignoring parents is something which we do knowingly/unknowingly, and you won't realize their importance till somebody shows you your place in this gigantic world.

#7. Stop complaining

Stop cribbing about how miserable your life has become because there always will be one person just as you doing worse.

Either change your situation, learn to cope, or change your perspective.

#8. Relationships make you crazy

You fall in love. You break up with someone. You think you’re in love and realize that the other person isn’t.

You think you know what’s important to you but then it changes. 20s are full of crazy relationships.

#9. Your Company doesn’t care about you

This is another problem of feeling entitled but it’s also just as true. Companies really care about one thing — the bottom line. You are just helping them reach that bottom line. As much as companies praise teamwork and culture, the reality is that you are replaceable. The company does not love you. It has no heart. You are replaceable. Keep your parachute handy.

#10. Get over it already

Some things are hard to let go of. I get that, but what’s the point of holding onto something that has already let go of you?

Written by Aditi Warnoolkar
Engineer | Avid blogger & writer who believes in penning down her thoughts | Poetry fanatic | Canophilist | Dreamer

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