Wednesday, 27 July 2016

You are different and the World needs you!

Recently, we came through a beautiful poem that was recited by the love of many girls, Shah Rukh  Khan.

SRK, in his talk, said he was inspired by Zayn Malik, who was a part of a band called One Direction a few months back!

And sir I am inspired by you!

To all the girls out there,
Who told you, you are not pretty??
Who said your curves matter more than your heart,
Who said you are meant to stay home and not to discover the world.

I just read SRK's poem and here I want to let every girl know what they are missing on.

Your colour doesn't tell your deal,
Your hair doesn't show you,
There is something there in you which no one has,
You are here to touch the sky,
You are here to explore and believe in life.
Life is not meant to stay in 4 walls,
It's meant to be lived,
It's easy for me to say anything here and I am sure very difficult for you to do anything there,
I don't tell you to do anything big just take small steps. And slowly you'll reach there.
Your outer beauty doesn't tell who you are,
One bad incident isn't allowed to ruin your life,
You are a warrior,
You are here to fight,
To break all the barriers who are stopping you from being you.
You are what the world needs,
Because there is no one like you
People are there to push you down,
You are here to grow. Shut their mouths and live. 
Your happiness comes from you. 
Always stay confident,
Don’t stop eating to be slim don't go to gym to be the happy figure,
But just to stay fit. 
Break the stigmas and bring in the hidden you.
Smile over everything. Life will change.
Cards will flip on your side,
Just Try and love yourself.  
Because there is no one like you!

Let’s just tell the world we are here to live and not to deal with any craps! Be what you are and You’ll shine!

Written by Anjali Gursahaney
An 18 years old philosophy student who is an explorer and believer! An internet savvy, Foodie and a Traveller. Good Vibes and happy days only!

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